May Newsletter #29

Getting back to normalcy, if there is such a thing anymore or as we heard last year, our new normal, it seems as though our lives are in a swift river of change as things develop daily. It’s already May, the fifth month of the year and it seems to me the past 4 have quite literally flown by. As busy as our industry is right now, many of you are probably saying the same thing. It’s as though we are on the longest run we have ever been on and the end is still not in sight. We’ll be looking back in a year or two and say “remember 2020-2021, wow what a crazy time for real estate”. But as some things normalize while other things continue on its path of craziness, here at GSMAR we are getting back to live classes and New Member Orientation. We will discuss these things below. For now, just hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

New Member Orientation is as it sounds, an orientation for all of our new members. Of course all of our new members aren't going to have the same member level, so we'll do a breakdown of what you will expect to see during the two-day orientation.

Our orientation is a two-day event designed to give our new members a quick start into the real estate world. On the first day we start nice and early at 8:30 to start getting everyone in the building, checked in and settled before our 9am start. Our 2021 President, Jerry Sandifer, will then welcome everyone along with the Association Executive, Kathy Leedy. Next up is Federal Fair Housing, which is an extremely important subject for REALTORS these days. After this, our favorite time of the day, lunch. Lunch will be provided by one of our awesome affiliates who will present their business and tell us how they can be of service to you as we eat. Lunch time over, we dive into the world of Ethics. The Code of Ethics is the only course that is mandatory for your NAR membership. Don’t confuse Code of Ethics with licensing requirements with TREC. TREC does not require Code of Ethics. 

After the Code is done, we move on to house styles. Believe it or not, not everything in Sevier and Cocke counties are cabins. Shocked! I know right. This last little bit of the first day gets you acquainted with all the house styles which helps in accurate MLS searches. 

Day 2 starts with 8:30 for registration and 9am for Agency. Agency describes your role in a transaction. Whether you are a buyers agent or a sellers agent, you need to know your role so you can give the highest quality representation for your clients. Trust me, in this market, you need to be at your best. After that, we have Keeping it Legal which covers the topics of Antitrust, Misrepresentation, Unauthorized Practice of Law and Truth in Lending. Basically, it's a class to keep you out of trouble. Again, Lunch is provided. If you bring your lunch because of dietary restrictions, we have a refrigerator and a microwave if you need one. 

After lunch we get into the MLS. The final push to the end will be talking about the MLS and how to use it. 

Now, for our Primary/Secondary Members, they will attend both days. For some of our Secondary members, we understand that you may already have the Code of Ethics for the current NAR cycle. You can either leave early on day one or you can stay and get a refresher. 

For our MLS Only Participants, you only need to attend the MLS portion of the orientation, which is the last class of the second day. 

For our Administrators and personal assistants, we ask that you come to the MLS portion of the orientation too. 

Check our calendar page for Orientation dates. 

At the end of the second day, Primary and Secondary members will be sworn in and receive a goody bag compliments of our affiliates. 

We want to thank all the instructors who take time out of their busy days to come and teach the next generation of REALTORS. 

Here is a Summary of the Orientation.


8:30am sign up 

9-9:45am Welcome

9:45-10am Break

10-11:45am Federal Fair Housing

11:45-12:45pm Lunch

12:45-4pm Code of Ethics

4-4:15pm Break

4:15-4:45pm  House Styles


8:30am sign up 

9-9:45am Agency

9:45-10am Break

10-11:45am  Keeping it Legal

11:45-12:45pm Lunch

12:45-3:45pm MLS

4pm  Installation- Primary and Secondary members only.

Orientations are set monthly till the end of the year to get caught up on all we missed. Beginning April15th, 2021 orientation is now mandatory. For those that have never attended an orientation before that date, you are welcome to attend as well. 

Code of Ethics- once we have our orientations caught up, we will then invite our other members to join us for Code of Ethics.

Bet you never thought we’d get back to live classes but here we are. At first we will have a mixture of Zoom and Live classes. We ask that you please make sure you know whether it is Live or Zoom before you sign up. If you show up at the office thinking it is Live and it is Zoom, we don’t have the resources to let you Zoom from the office. We will always differentiate between the two when we email out the invitations. It will also be stated on the calendar. 

We look forward to seeing all of you again but we will be limiting the amount of people allowed in each class. 

Check out our Calendar page on this website for some new tips and tricks on how to use our calendar.

Residential Core Course with Jim Oakley live

Tuesday, May 18



New Member Orientation live

Tuesday, May 25



New Member Orientation live

Wednesday, May 26



Friendly Friday live

Friday, May 28



THDA GC97 Conventional Mortgages via Zoom

Tuesday, June 1



Membership Breakfast live

Thursday, June 3



Basic Transaction Desk with Bryan Kendrick via zoom

Tuesday, June 8



Advanced Transaction Desk with Bryan Kenrick via zoom

Wednesday, June 9



Guide to Home Warranties live

Tuesday, June 15



For Committee schedules see our online calendar on this website. Contact committee chair for details.

We Need our Committee Members

In order for GSMAR to do business, we need committees to subdivide all the work for the Board of Directors.

All of the Board of Directors, Committee Chairs and Committee Members are volunteer positions. As we transition from Zoom to Live meetings we are painfully aware that the numbers of volunteers have dwindled to just a few dedicated people. Just a few is not enough though. In order for committees to do business, they need enough members to be present to do business and vote. Without members, no voting and no business can be accomplished and GSMAR comes to a grinding halt. If you have signed up for a committee, we ask that you take the time to get with your committee chair and find out when, where and if it is Live or Zoom. We need everyone to get involved so our Association can thrive once more.

We are happy to announce that we have received 49 applications from the 7 High Schools in our area. The Senior’s applications will be reviewed by the committee within a week and their recommendation for the winners will be sent to the Board soon after that. We should know the winners before the end of the month. YEAH!

The J. Pritchard Barnes Scholarship program awards a $1000 scholarship to one high school senior in each of our seven high schools in Sevier and Cocke counties. It’s too late to submit for this year but if you know a teen that will be a senior for the 2021-2022 school year and beyond, make sure they know about it. 

On the other end of the educational spectrum, we also give Kindergarten teachers a $200 grant so they can get those potential seniors a good start to their school career. We will be opening up the application process soon. So, spread the word to all our wonderful Kindergarten teachers. Contact for more information. 

A look at one of our previous Community Involvement Projects and what they are up to now.

Isaiah House just broke ground on the new Sevierville sight. 

As before, we want GSMAR to be more than just a resource for REALTORS. We want to be a force for good in our communities. The problem again, is lack of volunteers to participate in community events. The Community Involvement Committee is currently trying to find events like, trash pick up, helping a non-profit or building ramps for the elderly but the lack of interest outside the committee is very low. The community provides the real estate industry we all live off of, and we think giving back is very important. We hope that when the time comes and the committee gets an event scheduled, we will get a huge response from our GSMAR members. 

Isaiah 117 House Amazon Wish List


We are focusing on our Teen Girls this month! We are collecting black/grey leggings and short sleeve tunic tops. These would be adult sizes Small-2XL. We have added some items to our Wishlist but you can always purchase on your own as well!

Our Amazon Wishlist ships directly to us to have on hand when a need arises. You can also drop off at both BAAK Boutique locations!

Please remember that these items need to be brand new, with tags or in their package. We want to offer our kiddos the best on that traumatic day.

Isaiah 117 House Sevier County Amazon Wish List

Please consider Helping out this wonderful charity!

Isaiah 117 Website

Daniel Willis with our affiliate Air Med was here for our Broker meeting on May 6th, 2021. We are so happy to have our affiliates coming back alongside our live meetings as we have missed all of them. 

Daniel shared with us a little known fact about our neighbor Knox County. We know that as our prices rise in our area, people will start searching for more affordable homes in Jeff and Knox counties. Because of this, he has issued a word of caution for REALTORS listing or buying in the Knox county area. In Knox county, Rural Metro is a private Fire and Medical response company. In other words, tax dollars do not pay for their services. Instead, they charge a membership fee per household. If you are not a member, they charge for their services and some charges are in the tens of thousands of dollars. In a couple of cases, the seller did not disclose this fact to the buyer and now they are being sued after their house burned down. 

Daniel came to basically warn all our REALTORS, make sure you know whether or not the property you have listed is within the Rural/Metro service area. The map below shows the areas but always call them or find out if the address you have listed is covered by them. Remember, this is for Knox County Only.

The 2021 2nd Quarter Membership Survey is complete.  We are reviewing the results and will be back in touch.  Thank you to those who participated – we had a 26% response rate which is great.

 We are working with the MLS Committee this month to review the Standards of Practice and Fines.  If you have suggestions for the revisions, please email President Jerry Sandifer at prior to May 31. 

 Please plan to attend the General Membership Meeting Thursday, June 3 at 8:30 a.m. for breakfast (sponsored by Jada Williams with Home Inspection Headquarters) and a 9:00 meeting.  Dynamic Directions Speaker Barbara Fairchild will be our keynote speaker, and she has a heart-warming story to share with everyone.

If you receive the Real Estate Magazine, there is a great article on Copyright Law in Real Estate on Page 13 of the April edition. The article is written by Nia Duggins, NAR’s Senior Policy Representative on Business Issues.  Basically, she says that “real estate professionals should strive to own their listing photographs.  When ownership is not possible, real estate professionals must be aware of the rights they are receiving in the photographs and how they permit others to use the photographs.”  If you would like a copy of the complete article, please email me at, and I will scan and send it to you. Please do not underestimate the consequences of violating copyright law!


Always remember to be kind – kindness is your biggest asset.