January 2020

Newsletter #13

Winter is in full swing; yet the weather hasn’t felt that way too much. Here at the association our schedule is in full swing as well. We are already half way through January and we’ve polished off several classes, committee meetings and events. To keep track of all our scheduled events go to our website’s calendar page at https://www.gsmar.org/calendar

Check daily as we add events quite frequently. We also encourage you to visit the education page https://www.gsmar.org/education for class sign ups and details. Classes will be added at least two weeks in advance of the classes. Our events page is https://www.gsmar.org/other-events, if it’s not education it will be under the events page. We want everyone to be informed for this new year and we encourage the use of the website. It is a tool for your use. If anyone has ideas for the website or for the newsletter, please contact joshua@gsmar.org

GSMAR's Newsletter "Real Estate News and Views" turns 1 this month.

It's been a pleasure to bring all the info from behind the scenes straight to you the reader this past year. We hope 2020 will be just as prosperous for our little periodical. If anyone has suggestions on how to improve it or has article ideas, please send an email to joshua@gsmar.org.

TREC CORE website

It has come to our attention that company changes, address changes, etc. will be done through the TREC CORE web site and that it will eliminate the use of the TREC 1 Form. If you submit any changes through their CORE website, please remember we need that information too. If we do not have current records, you may not receive information that is vital to you such as educational offerings, dues billings, etc.

If you have questions, please contact one of the staff. Thanks!

Clear Cooperation policy

Thanks to Penny Cowell for this article

“Per NAR: At it's Nov 11th Meeting, NAR's Board approved the Clear Cooperation policy and their MLS Technology and Emerging Issues Advisory Board proposed the policy as a way to address the growing use of off-MLS listings. The advisory board concluded that leaving listings outside of the broader marketplace excludes consumers, undermining REALTORS ®' commitment to provide equal opportunity to all.

Fast Forward...

January 8, 2020 Leaders from the National Association of Realtors® met with HUD Secretary Ben Carson. NAR President Vince Malta, " NAR has been active in our pursuit of innovative new policies and partnerships that will help us preserve the fundamental right of housing in America." The NAR initiative was announced. 'ACT' will help make sure we protect housing rights in America and uphold Fair Housing Standards.

Side note: See how these events work hand in hand to better protect Fair Housing and MLS?

I follow the National Association of REALTORS on FB and Twitter and this is where I get the majority of the news and updates. Thanks!”


GSMAR MLS Committee and Board of Directors are currently reviewing

this mandatory policy which must go into effect May 1.

Details will follow soon.

REALTOR Education

The REALTOR name should stand out as a beacon to those in the real estate industry. Whether you are a buyer or a seller the REALTOR name should be synonymous with excellence, ethics, professionalism and education. Being a REALTOR represents the best of the best in real estate. Here at GSMAR we want to train our agents to become that pinnacle of the real estate industry through the education we supply; however, we can only offer so much here at the local level. That being said, we have discovered that NAR has a deal with Columbia College to offer REALTORS higher education opportunities.This is definitely worth looking into. Here is an excerpt from the website plus a link to that information.

“The National Association of REALTORS® is expanding academic achievement opportunities to members through an agreement with Columbia College in Columbia, Missouri. The new NAR Academy at Columbia College will provide members with financial assistance who enroll in pursuit of academic degree completion for certificates, associates, bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the NAR Academy.”


Friendly Fridays!

Come chat with the staff at the GSMAR office on the last Friday of each month. We will have breakfast, drinks and fellowship. Bring your questions or topics of discussion with you to our first Friendly Friday on January 31st at 9am-11am.

Register HERE

New photofy app through NAR



2020 Tennessee Excel Summit (TNEX) — Feb. 3-5, Hilton Nashville Downtown


1/13 TNEX 2020 Early-Bird Registration Deadline

1/15 — Registration opens for 2020 Reg. 4 Conf / Fall Conv. (10/12-15, Savannah GA)

1/15 Forms Update (Live + Streamed, 2 hrs CE pending approval)

1/17TREEF Instructor Development Workshop (IDW), Nashville

1/27 TNEX 2020 Online Registration Deadline

1/28 Professional Standards Training, Nashville

1/29 Mediation & Ombudsman Training, Nashville

2/3-5 TNEX 2020, Hilton Nashville Downtown

2/5 — Tennessee REALTOR® Day on the Hill, Nashville

2/17-18A.R.E.A. Class of 2020 Leadership Session 1, Nashville

2/24-27 — NAR RPAC President’s Circle Conference, Miami FL

2020 Leadership Road Show: Jan., April, June

Again this year, the Tennessee REALTORS® Executive Committee will visit all 21 local associations to share updates from the state association and hear from local leaders and members. The road show will begin in Middle TN (Jan. 21-23), continue in East TN (April 6-8), and conclude in West TN (July 20-22). Keep an eye out for more details.

GSMAR Calendar of events

January 22 & 23 New Member Orientation

8:30a-4:45p both days (new primary/secondary members)

January 22 Code of Ethics 12:45p-4:00p Register Here

January 23 Anti-Trust/ Keeping it Legal 10a-12p Register Here

January 23 MLS Orientation (New MLS participants and new primary/secondary members)

12:45p-4:45p Register Here

January 31 Friendly Friday Register Here

February 6 Membership Breakfast 8:30a-10a

February 11 Anti-Trust/ Keeping it Legal 10a-12p

February 12 1031 Tax Exchange class 9a-12p

February 14 Valentine’s Day

We need volunteers for the YPN committee. To volunteer please email Kathy@gsmar.org

With our committees already meeting and this year getting off to a blinding pace, we would like to remind those interested in being a part of a committee to get their application turned in before February 10. After that date, we will not accept new committee members throughout the year. There are provisions for ex-officio members. Contact the Association staff if you have any questions.

For those that have already volunteered, thank you. Keep up with your committees through our committee pages on this website and through the calendar page on this website as well.

Congrats to Sharon Greene and all of CNB for their continued support of GSMAR.

We would also like to thank all the affiliates who helped in sponsoring the Christmas Party and thanks to each and every one of them for all their sponsorships in 2019. Their support they gave us throughout last year was awesome and we look forward to working with them in 2020. If you have appreciated all that our affiliates have done for us, then please go to the affiliates directory page https://www.gsmar.org/affiliate-directory and use their services.

Thank You!

Thanks to our new Director Craig Stephenson for his time in answering a few of our questions.

  1. Is there any one thing you would like to see the Association accomplish this year?

I would love to see our REALTOR community become more actively involved in giving back to their local community.

I would always love to see closer knit friendships, almost like family, developed among our fellow REALTORS while still maintaining that spirit of "friendly competition".

Commission-only sales too often breeds cut-throats and back-stabbers, as well as revealing those who would frequent the gray areas for a sale. Nearly anything for a sale!

We need to avoid those pitfalls and attitudes at all costs. Long after the money is earned and spent, we want to emerge as still being good friends.

2. What is the strength of the Association at this time?

Our Association's biggest strength lies in it's tenacity and stick-to-it-tiveness. We are a "Never-Say-Die" community willing to weather any storm together.

The near-bankruptcy of our Association did nothing but pull us together for a fight to become stronger.

The difficulties and hardships faced after the fires of 2016 could not alter our compassion and inner resolve as REALTORS. We were only tested - again - and again, we came through it, stronger together.

For that matter, I think perhaps that the strong "spirit of camaraderie and community" of the people in our region is an important component of the glue that binds us together.

3. What is the weakness of the Association at this time?

Our biggest weakness is apathy. Too many of our REALTOR members fail to see the importance of their personal involvement in our Association and its activities and committees.

We need to fix that......raise awareness........gain more active participation if possible.

4. How do you view your position as Director?

As a director, I feel it is my responsibility to help guide our Association towards its future so that 5 years from now, we won't look into our rear-view-mirrors wishing we had taken a different course.

As a director, I feel it is my responsibility to become aware and educated about trends and new technologies as possible so that our value and worth as REALTORS continues to be promoted and enhanced to the best of our abilities.

5. Is there anything else you would like to say to the members through this Newsletter?

EVERY member of our Association is vital, appreciated, and needed. As much as you need our Association and the MLS, our Association and MLS needs you.

Please consider becoming more actively involved in our Association. Participate more in Membership Breakfasts. Committees, and Meetings. Get involved!

Anyone can make a dollar. Only a select few ever make a difference. Purpose to be the one who makes a difference!

When you became a GSMAR member, you took the following oath.

At the beginning of a new year and a new decade,

We thought you might like to read it again and reaffirm.

Thank you!