August 2020


Here we find ourselves at the edge of Summer, and Fall is but a month away. For some the end of 90 degree temps can’t end

soon enough, for others they want it to drag on forever. Like our lack of control over weather, so too are we unable to keep the

clock from ticking. The inevitable march into school, cooler weather, everything pumpkin flavored, is on the horizon.

However, we can’t imagine a Fall without football and we aren’t sure what back to school will look like or turn out to be,

but face it we must. Perhaps the old neighborhood football games will be resurrected, bonfires will be reborn,

and outdoor activities will make a roaring comeback. Maybe the “New Normal” won’t be so bad after all.

We’re open for committee meetings and small groups, and we are looking forward to seeing you again.

However, we have a form that needs to be signed before you can enter the building. You can get one at the door the day of entry or we have emailed everyone a copy. Please don’t fill it out now and send it to us. Wait until the day of entry and give it to us then. Attached below is the release form if you need one.


We've got some Committees to hear from this month.

In coordination with The CE Shop, all requirements to renew your license (including Core, ethics and electives) will be FREE to primary and secondary members through September 7. Email to receive the code to register. Participation is somewhat limited so take advantage of this great offer as soon as possible.

On top of that great offer, on August 19th only, The CE Shop is offering 40% off all education for those needing only one or two classes. If you know anyone who is wanting to get into real estate, this is the perfect opportunity for them to get a deep discount on pre-licensing classes. See the flyer below for more details.

The Lakeway Association is offering the following Zoom education events:

September 14 – GRI 405 – 6 hours CE - 9:00-4:00

September 24 – Code of Ethics – 3 hours CE - 9:00-noon

October 26 - GRI 406 – 6 hours CE – 9:00-4:00

October 28 – Residential CORE – 6 hours CE – 9:00-4:00

November 10 – THDA-Great Mortgage Choice – 4 hours CE – 9:00-1:00

Call 423-587-2266 or email to sign up.

Also remember that we are sponsoring ABR September 8 and September 15 in conjunction with


Click here to register for Day 1 on the 8th

Click here to register for Day 2 on the 15th

Applications for Board Officers and Directors are due at the Association Office by September 22. Openings include treasurer, secretary (one-year obligation); two directors (two-year obligation); and president-elect (three-year obligation). Take advantage of the leadership skills you will learn that will help in other areas of your life whether it be for family or volunteer work in the community - in addition to learning about the Association and how you can be an integral part of the decision-making process for our members.

Officer And Director 2021 Application

RPAC-A-THON is scheduled for September 2 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. eastern time. You may be called so be prepared to say “yes.” The theme this year is Hollywood Squares, and our committee members will be dressed as the stars. If you ask when they call you, maybe they will facetime with you…

We understand that starting in real estate is very challenging to say the least. That said we have tons of resources just for our new members.

Our new Partnership with The CE Shop brings a whole new portal with videos, blogs, eBooks and podcasts.

“Real Estate Agent Resources from The CE Shop

Beyond offering the best courses for every stage of your career, we’re devoted to providing you free resources to grow your real estate business. Created by our team of industry experts, our diverse Agent Essentials resources consist of blogs, ebooks, videos, podcasts, and webinars. Check back often for new content designed to help you navigate the ever-changing real estate landscape.” -The CE Shop

And a get started page- for all the newbies.

Please go to the NAR website for tons of articles and resources to build your knowledge on everything REALTOR related.

Multiple Offers

From our sellers’ view, we are in a wonderful position of having multiple offers on properties! From our buyers’ view, maybe not so much. It is true that each side can be confusing for both the sellers and the buyers. Here is a link from the Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual that walks you through each step and answers the questions “What is fair?” “What is honest?” “What has to be done?” “Who decides?” If you find yourself in a multiple offer situation take the time to read this most informative and helpful paper.

Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual


As most of you know, our MLS vendor will change in January 2021 to Navica. The change was based on a number of things which include a great mobile app, easy input forms, and continued reciprocity with Lakeway as Lakeway will be changing to Navica in January as well. Most Fridays, we are emailing all MLS participants with a subject line of “NAVICA NEWS.” Please take the time to read the information. If you have questions, just contact us. We are working toward an easy conversion and want your questions answered as quickly as possible. If you would like to speak with Navica directly at any time, their customer service number is 800-367-8756. If any of you are interested in becoming the “go to” person for your company with some additional training, please let us know. Several are already signed up and are excited about learning more about Navica.

We are excited to announce that GSMAR now has a YouTube channel. However, we have no content right now. So, we are looking for someone(s) who may be willing to do some on camera work. In other words, we need people to be in front of a camera announcing news, training, and much more. Also, if you have editing experience and would like to lend a hand or instruct us, please give us a shout. This is all volunteer work mind you and very much appreciated. One last thing, if you can think of some topics or content we could do, please let us know. Thanks. or 865-453-1248

We have had some interesting facts about our little website. As most know we have a Google based website and Google gives you a way to monitor the Analytics of the site. It shows how many people visit and where they are located by city. It shows which pages they frequent and so on and so forth. We would like to share some statistics about the website since we started monitoring it back in January.

Since January 16th we have had:

3,249 individual visitors

4,813 sessions, meaning 16.6% have returned

1 minute 39 seconds is the average time spent on our website

We’ve had people from Canada, India, France, China, and the Philippines visit.

In the United States all but Montana, South Dakota, Alaska, Hawaii, Delaware, Vermont, Rhode Island and New Mexico have visited our site

In Tennessee alone, 95 different cities have visited with Sevierville, Knoxville, Nashville, Pigeon forge and Maryville being the top five.

12,468 pages have been viewed with 10,348 of those being a unique page

The pages most visited were Membership, Affiliate, Calendar, Contact Us, Education and the Monthly Newsletters

It seems that the 55 to 64 years of age group visit the website the most

The ladies seem to use our website 13% more than men.

Top 3 web browsers: Chrome, Safari and Edge

To access our website 70% use a desktop, 27% use a mobile device and only 3% use a tablet.

A vast majority of our mobile users are on an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy

We love looking at all our data that comes in every time someone logs into our site. It gives us a sense of pride that we have the eyes of the world watching what we do here.