September 2019

Fall is quickly approaching

The seasons are changing, and the leaves will begin to fall soon. We are entering that time of year for fall festivals, corn mazes and pumpkin spice everything. It’s a time where sunsets come sooner, temperatures go down (fingers crossed), bonfires crackle, and the taste of roasted marshmallows and hot chocolate are all welcome. Can’t wait!

GSMAR wants your opinion

We are in the middle of the 2019 Membership Survey and need your input. An email has been sent out with a link to the survey for all of our Primary and Secondary in-state members. Clicking the link sends you to the survey which asks several questions on your wants, needs, likes and dislikes. The purpose of the survey is to create an Association that provides specific educational needs, communication needs, community needs, and more. The more participation we receive, the better we can serve you. So, please take five minutes of your time and complete this simple questionnaire.

In the future, to keep up-to-date on the ever-changing world of real estate we plan to do more surveys. They will be spread out along the calendar year and may target specific events or groups. We ask that you keep a positive attitude toward them and give us any constructive criticism you can. We want to create an atmosphere of communication and progress with these surveys and hope you all find them engaging and useful.

October MLS and Ekey Billing

The dreaded day of MLS and Ekey billing is upon us on October 1st. On that day you will receive an invoice, via email, for our annual MLS and Ekey billing cycle. This is for anyone who has access to our MLS or has Supra Ekey services through our Association. Your invoice will reflect on whether you have just the MLS only or if you have both MLS and Ekey. For smooth billing and accurate information, we will email everyone about this personally and make sure we have the right email, and billing information. If your email has changed or you are opting out of either service, please contact the GSMAR office at 865-453-1248 to let us know. We want to make this billing as accurate as possible so please keep us informed of any changes.

The billing will start on October 1st and end on October 31st. On November 1st, a $100 late fee will be billed on top of your current amount owed. On December 1st if the payment and late fees have not been paid, your access to the MLS will be discontinued. If MLS fees haven’t been paid and MLS membership is renewed before the next billing cycle, a $250 renewal fee will be added to the current prorated amount.

GSMAR Christmas Party

Mark your calendar for

GSMAR’s Christmas Party

being held at

The Ramsey Hotel and Convention Center

3230 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee 37868

On Saturday December 14th, 2019 from 6p-10p

Food, games, prizes, music and dancing.

Tickets are $25 and will be on sale soon!

September 18th-20th TN REALTORS 2019 Fall Convention in Sandestin, FL

September 25th-26th New Member Orientation*

September 25th- Ethics (NAR Required) *

September 26th- Keeping it Legal, with Chris Wood. Always a part of our New Member Orientation, it is now been given CE credit. 2hrs.*

September 26th- MLS Orientation- For our new MLS only participants*

September 23rd- Fall Begins

October 1st- Bentleys will be teaching a class on Synthetic Stucco from 9a-12p

October 3rd- Membership Breakfast at 8:30. End of year committee reports, Pigeon Forge Color Guard, coat drive and much more

October 8th- Basic Transaction Desk 3hrs.CE 9a-12p taught by Bryan Kendrick

October 9th- Advanced Transaction Desk 1p-4p 3hrs.CE taught by Bryan Kendrick

October 11th- Surveyor Tim Howell will be teaching a course on Flood Plains 9a-12p 3hrs.CE

October 15th- TREC Residential Core Course (TREC Required) taught by Jim Oakley 9a-4p

* Go to our education page for more details and sign up

Congratulations to Lisa Romines and Drew Lawhorn for winning the

Affiliate of the Month for August.

We thank them for their tireless efforts in sponsoring classes and events here at GSMAR.

We would also like to thank the other sponsors for the month of August as well.

Let’s talk about becoming a committee member. At GSMAR we want volunteers to be established in their business of real estate before volunteering. So, new agents that are between 0-3 years in real estate are not as likely to be candidates for committees. We want those members to learn about their business, grow it and establish it first. We don’t want to add the additional stress of being a committee member and establishing a thriving business. That being said, we always welcome your participation if time allows. If not much time, consider something fun like the Christmas Party Committee or REALTOR Center Trademark. Or if you want, jump right into MLS, RPAC and/or REALTOR Center Task Force. We will always welcome you if time allows!

Those that are in an established business should consider committee participation. We need persons with organizational skills, creativity, a servant’s heart, leadership, networking and any other skill that would be helpful in leading the Association in the right direction.

For those that do serve for one year or more on a committee and have been a member of the Association for at least two years, you are eligible to run for an Officer or Director position on the Board of Directors. A committee application is on our committee home page if you are interested. Applications for Board of Directors should be emailed to on or before September 24. If you have already submitted your committee requests and/or your Director application, THANK YOU!

We understand that your time is precious, and we greatly appreciate any time you spend making this the best Association it can be.

We want to make a fair and equal MLS for all to use. In that process, rules must be established for that to take place. We want to make sure that all our members are aware of our MLS Standards of Practice and Fines, so with each new member we include a copy in their new member welcome package. We also have it on our Paragon page under MLS Documents and on this website. Click here to go to page. We encourage each and everyone to read these as they have been updated this year and to perhaps refresh yourselves with those rules. We understand that some of you belong to multiple MLS’s and each one has their own set of rules and regulations to abide by. It can become confusing at times. We do not enjoy fining people for infractions. We would much rather educate everyone on the rules and why they are in place instead. If you have any questions concerning MLS rules or fines please contact our MLS staff member John Houston at or by calling the office at 865-453-1248. If you are fined, please know that 100% of this money goes to our Scholarship Fund.

The fall season is a traditional time of harvest and the in-gathering of all we have done through the season of growing. Throughout the year, the Board of Directors and the Committees have been leading GSMAR toward this time of harvest where their contributions have created a foundation for the next group of representatives to stand on. Learning from their mistakes and capitalizing on their successes, they are now in the process of preparing for next year. They are asking for leaders to step forward and lead this Association in the years to come and to continue building upon the foundation that has been laid. This Board has listened and learned and is ready for harvest. Before they leave, they must ready the seeds that will be planted and grown for next year. With that in mind, they are asking for members to step up into a leadership role with the Association and to not only lead but be led and grown by the experiences they will have. We have an application on both Paragon (MLS documents tab) or download below.

Please return completed application and a recent, high resolution digital photo to no later than 5:00 p.m. on September 24, 2019.

Officer and Director Application