Monthly Newsletter

June 2019 Newsletter #6

Halfway through the year already and we look back and say where has it gone. Gone are the cold, short days of winter and school. This is the time of vacations, long warm days and summer fun. We hope that everyone has a safe and fun summer at the pool, beach, amusement park, BBQs or whatever activity you have planned for you and your family. Just remember, bring us back your stories and pictures so we can share in your fun.

What is going on from now till the middle of July?

June 16th: Father’s Day- Happy Father's Day to all those wonderful Dads out there who work tirelessly at being your child's hero.

June 24th-July 2nd: The GSMAR office will be receiving a new roof on these days. Limited access due to construction vehicles and equipment could be possible on these days. The office will remain open during this time. 

June 28th: YPN will be having a six months of YPN celebration at Swann Plantation 

1708 Old Knoxville Hwy. Sevierville, TN 37876. Food, fun and games. RSVP Required. Click here to register.

July 4th: 243rd Birthday of The United States of America. The GSMAR office will be closed to join in the birthday festivities. 

July 11th: Broker Breakfast

July 1st through July 31st: Dues Billing

If you are a primary or secondary member then dues billing is coming up for you. Primary members will be billed for NAR, TN REALTORS and GSMAR dues. Primary Designated REALTORS will be billed a firm fee as well. Secondary Members only pay the GSMAR dues with the Designated REALTOR paying the firm fee as well. The actual numbers won’t be finalized until the end of June. If you have questions about dues billing, please call or email the office.

Congratulations to Joe Boersma for the May Affiliate of the Month

He was one of our CE teachers this past month and has sponsored them as well.

Check out Joe’s services on his website at

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is charged with recognizing and recruiting talented, capable, willing volunteers for Board Of Directors & Line Officers. Once there is a pool of names for consideration, Committee members will prepare a slate; whose experience, interest, and expertise most closely match open positions of responsibility for the upcoming year for election to be held at the designated time. Maintaining a diverse leadership enhances the service for our diverse membership.

Duties of the Nominating Committee are:

1. Develop and maintain an application.

2. Work on criteria for available positions for President Elect, Secretary, Treasurer and two director positions, interview process and time frames for the election process.

3. Maintain E-Voting Process

4. Other Items deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.

5. Shall adhere to the election process as stated in the GSMAR By-Laws

This year we are searching for top talent within our Association to continue to take us forward to build a stronger GSMAR and provide the services and benefits our members want and need.  

Applications and additional information is available now at the GSMAR office as well as in Paragon under MLS Documents.

It has been a huge learning experience being on The Board Of Directors, although sometimes a challenging one. However, these challenges have been very rewarding for me. The experiences have moved me out of my comfort zone and have expanded my understanding of GSMAR for the better. I appreciate all the help and support from all the members of the board for sharing their wisdom and knowledge. As GSMAR moves upwards and onwards I hope to continue as an valuable member of the Association and my community.


Merita Gregory Director

Congratulations to Ron Laughlin for winning the Golden Spotlight Award for his tireless efforts in getting building improvements done; like the natural gas conversion, the roof replaced and the thermostats replaced. His contribution to the Board of Directors has helped steer the Association in the right direction and we thank him for his truthfulness and heart. 

Human nature trends towards negativity. We remember tragedy over prosperity; we remember harsh words and criticism more readily and for longer. We all can remember where we were when 9/11 happened but struggle to remember a positive story that we’ve heard. Negative things happen and are said to one another daily but the test of a person is whether they dwell on it, feed upon it and spread it to others. We have an opportunity for change within our little world we call GSMAR. We have the ability to create a system where we stifle the negative and create a positive atmosphere of cooperation, helpfulness and communication. We have the ability to create something truly special in this negative world; a place where we lift up each other instead of kicking people while they’re down. We have had an incredible outpouring of positive feedback from our members on the changes we have made and we want to keep it that way. We, as the staff, are committed to continue producing an open and positive atmosphere in the office and we challenge each and every office in the Association to do the same. If we struggle against each other, we destroy the GSMAR name and the REALTOR name and soon the customers we rely on for our livelihood will go elsewhere.  Let’s create something that is truly special and stands out in a darkened world. Let’s Prosper with Positivity.