December 2019

December 2019 Newsletter #12

Tis the Season to be…….

We all know the end of that song, but what is the end of the song for you? Is it a season of giving, of family or perhaps shopping? Is it a season of reverence and reflection of a child born over two thousand years ago? A season of food maybe? We all deal with the Christmas holiday in different ways. Some fill it with traditions while others buck tradition and do something new. This season for the GSMAR staff we watched as the decorations went up, the parties were planned and the transitions that are being made from one year to the next. We listen as the phones go quiet because many of you are traveling and closing for the holidays. We look forward to the time when we can have that Silent Night, where we have no cares in the world but waking on Christmas morning and opening presents and sipping hot cocoa. We take that time to spend with family and friends and make the most of what Christmas is offering. So, whatever the season is for you, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with peace on Earth and good will towards men.

Congratulations to our 2019 Maude Gregory award winner

Debbie Beasley

GSMAR is transitioning from 2019 into 2020. A new Board of Directors has been picked and so have the committee chairs. Check out the committee section for the list. 

The budget for 2020 has been set and will be finalized at the December 19 Board of Directors Meeting.. With the building paid and dues lowered, we are on track for another awesome year. Most education has not been set for 2020; however, we hope to have a list of classes for you in our next newsletter. 

The 2019 GSMAR Christmas Party was a huge success and we want to thank the Christmas Party Committee and especially Beau Stegall for all their hard work. Below are some pictures in case you missed it. 

The 2020 Calendar will be updated as things are scheduled.

GSMAR will be closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and New Years Eve and New Years Day.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

January 9th-Broker Breakfast 8:30-10am

January 14th- Contracts Class 8:30am-12:30pm

Congratulations to Sevier County Bank for winning the Affiliate of the Month. We want to thank them for being an awesome sponsor and friend of our members. 

Please note: If you were on a committee in 2019 and you want to continue in 2020, you will need to fill out a new involvement form and send it in. Go to our Committee page for the form and the email to send it to. Also check out each of the Committee pages for current lists of members.

Please welcome our 2020 Committee Chairs. If the Board of Directors is the driver, then the committee chairs are the engine that makes things go. They have the task of creating opportunities and moving us forward. We want to thank them in advance for their service.

Awards: Denise Gardner

By-Laws: Tom Fay

Christmas Party: Beau Stegall

Cultural Diversity: Frank Heilmeier

Education: Trina Ruiter and Sandra Brown

Finance: Leonard Waring

Grievance: Justin Broadway

MLS: Pat Malone

Nominating: Kathryn Lovell

Professional Standards: Deborah Korlin

REALTOR Center Task Force: Jeanie Sheffey

REALTOR Trademark: Terri Wiliams

#REALTORSCARE: Kathryn Lovell

Community Involvement: Craig Stephenson

Fundraising: Neva Waite

Scholarship: Scott Cline

RPAC: Kim Shinlever

Strategic Planning: Jerry Sandifer

Young Professionals Network (YPN): Noah Bradford


1. Your year as President Elect is drawing to a close. Do you feel as though that time gave you what you needed to fulfill your year as President?

Yes, I have been lucky to follow three very excellent Presidents who all brought different skills to the table.  Those Presidents exemplified the skills of delegating, ethically doing the right thing, and a wonderful ability to unify a group.

I've also been lucky to serve with some great directors and fellow officers.  I think we can all pick up something good from each other if we just sit still, watch and listen. 

2. Can you tell us what your "theme" or "motto" is for your year?


Be Generous   Be Safe Be Meaningful   Be Authentic Be Respectful

3. What ideas do you have to carry that out?

I am going to encourage all members to be generous with their time by volunteering to serve on one (or more) of our committees.  We have big committees that need a lot of love and service such as Fundraising, Community Involvement, and YPN. We have little committees that need some love as well such as Awards, REALTOR Center, and REALTOR Trademark Protection.


4. What do you believe will be your biggest challenge(s) in 2020?

Ask me this time next year; hindsight is 20/20 afterall.  But if I had to hazard a guess, it's going to make sure we stay within our budget.  We gave the members a generous dues reduction which corresponds with less money to provide services, so we have to be careful to get the most bang for our buck in 2020.  


5. How can the members help you do a better job for them?

Be patient with each other.  Be tolerant of each other's different working styles/business models.  Please call me if you have a thought or suggestion that would improve the Association for all members.


6. Do you foresee any major changes in the Association in 2020? If so, what?  If none, why not?

Our contract with our current MLS Vendor expires at the beginning of next year (2021).  This year we are going to be looking long and hard at other vendors and eventually reaching a decision as to whether we should stay or go.


7. If you could change one thing within the Association, what would it be and why?

Physically, I want to improve our meeting and education room downstairs.  The sound is not the best, and the tables and chairs could be replaced for more utility and comfort.  


8. How would you like 2020 to be remembered?

I really don't have any personal ambitions for myself. I am just blessed to be given this opportunity to serve my Association.  For the Association, I want it to be remembered as another year of steady growth and the strengthening of our foundation to support us through the good and the not so good times.


9. What would your “perfect” year look like?

A lot of member interaction with each other, either through attending education sessions or volunteering on a committee.  We tolerate and appreciate what we know. I strongly believe if we knew each other better, we would appreciate each other more. We need to know our long time REALTORS for the wisdom and experience they bring to the table. We need to know our newbies for the excitement and innovation they bring. We can learn so much from each other if we'd only meet in the middle and communicate. We always talk about buying local, using local, etc. - the same goes for working with local agents.  If we know each other, all of our transactions will go a lot easier and smoother. 


10. Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

Yes, my email is and my cell is 865-406-6447.  If you need me, want to tell me something, want to ask me something; don't hesitate to say, “Hey, I'll ask Vickie.” I don't claim to have all the answers; however,  I'm not afraid to ask another expert or point you in the right direction.

For 2020 we want to stress the importance of REALTOR(R)  safety. The number one resource GSMAR offers for its members is a subscription to Forewarn. Forewarn is a powerful app for your phone that gives you potential life saving information at the touch of a button. REALTORS(R) will always have to show houses to potential buyers.  It's a must. The question is: “When you meet people at a house, do they have good or bad intentions once they get you there?” With Forewarn you can check to see if the person you are about to meet is OK or not. Forewarn pulls data from public resources all over the internet and funnels it straight into your hands. Information like phone history, address history, criminal records, court records, property records and vehicle history are at your disposal. Know the situation before you walk into a potential serious problem. GSMAR, as of December 2019, is the only Association in Tennessee that gives its members this wonderful product included with membership. We are proud to offer Forewarn for our members, because safety for our REALTORS(R) is one of our main goals for 2020.

Please see our newly published Forewarn page with an article from Forewarn on Real Estate scams.