Filing a Complaint

Filing a Complaint

An ethics complaint can be filed with the Great Smoky Mountains Association of REALTORS® by contacting the Executive Officer. Those who wish to file a complaint can obtain forms from the association along with a procedural outline. Preliminarily if you wish to file an ethics complaint, you will want to start by reviewing the Code of Ethics, which can be found on

The Code is the standard by which the GSMAR Grievance Committee reviews allegations of potential violations. The Articles in the Code of Ethics are the specific obligations that can subject REALTOR® members to disciplinary action after a due process hearing.

After carefully reading the Code, complete the ethics complaint form, which will be made available by the GSMAR Executive Officer. Include an explanation of why you believe a specific Article (or Articles) has been violated.

Any ethics complaint must cite an Article since that is the standard by which REALTORS®’ conduct is judged; a Standard of Practice may only be cited in support of a charge that an Article was violated. You must also include the date you became aware there was a potential violation.

If you have difficulty making the determination concerning which Articles have been violated, write what your complaint is and explain the situation as clearly as possible. Please contact the GSMAR Executive Officer for more resources and procedures. Additionally all questions and concerns are to be expressed to the GSMAR Executive Officer.