2022 REALTOR® Trademark Committee

REALTOR® Trademark Committee Goals 2022

Committee Chair: Terri Williams

Email: terrisellsdirt@aol.com

Phone #: 865-556-4111

Committee Co-Chair:


Phone #:

Committee Members

Renee Humme reneetherealtortn@gmail.com 865-806-4885

Carole Register propertybuzz1@yahoo.com 865-278-4170

Vickie Stanton vickie@colonialproperties.com 865-406-6447

Ex-Officio Members:

Penny Cowell pcintennessee@gmail.com 865-850-4427

Kim Shinlever kimshinlever@gmail.com 865-680-4756

Rebecca Marcum rebecca@gsmar.org 865-453-1248

Leadership Liaison:

Sandra Brown sandra@dreamcatcherrealtytn.com 865-356-7793

Staff Liaison:

Joshua James joshua@gsmar.org 865-453-1248


Review guidelines of things to watch for

Meeting Schedule: 4th Thursday at 9:00 am

REALTOR® Trademark Committee shall be the responsible in investigating improper use of the REALTOR® registered trademark, educate those who are improperly use this trademark, and if necessary, take stronger action to eliminate such improper usage as directed by the Board of Directors and the National Association of REALTORS®.