Past Presidents

Committee Chair: Vickie Stanton Vickie@colonialproperties.com 406-6447

Committee Members: (any active past president)

Chris Gonzalez chris@cginvestments.us 809-9531

Terri Williams terrisellsdirt@aol.com 556-4111

Janis Canterbury Janis_SellsRealEstate@yahoo.com 368-3896

James Maddron jmaddron76@gmail.com 654-4637

Wanda Galli wanda@wandagalli.com 680-5119

Bryan Kendrick byankendrick@remax.net 654-2994

Deanna Dellinger deanna@deannadellinger.com 680-4446

Steve Lane SteeLaneTeam@gmail.com 850-2834

Kathryn Lovell kathrynlovell28@gmail.com 740-4877


1. Meet with and act in an advisory capacity to the President and/or the GSMAR staff for the purpose of generating and recommending ideas, philosophies, procedures and policies on topics deemed important to the Association.

2. Finalize, if needed, the 2020 President’s dedication to the Association

3. Discuss and establish what 2021 President’s dedication to the Association will be

Meeting Schedule: one/quarter; committee chair and AE to set