2022 RPAC Committee

RPAC/Governmental Affairs Committee Goals 2022

Committee Chair: Devin Cowell Committee Co-Chair: Eric Russelll

Email: devincowell@gmail.com Email: ericrussell@kw.com

Phone #: 865-323-9166 Phone #: 828-329-1271

Committee Members

Starlet Allo starletallo@bellsouth.net 865-292-9289

Sandra Brown sandra@dreamcatcherrealtytn.com 865-356-7793

Cassie Clabough realtorcassietn@gmail.com 865-405-6348

Faye DeRobertis fayederobertis@gmail.com 305-978-1502

Ilias Irby ilias@oh865.com 951-837-5243

Roxie Reid Roxie.Reid@yahoo.com 865-654-5150

Terri Williams terrisellsdirt@aol.com 865-556-1271

Ex-Officio Members:

Penny Cowell pcintennessee@gmail.com 865-850-4427

Kim Shinlever kimshinlever@gmail.com 865-680-4756

Rebecca Marcum rebecca@gsmar.org 865-453-1248

Staff Liaison: April King april@gsmar.org 865-453-1248


Plan MI Event

Plan RPAC-A-THON (Currently scheduled for Sept 12, 2022)

Plan a voter initiative to register voters

Review with AE Core Standards regarding Vote, Act, Invest

Meeting Schedule: 3rd Thursday at 2:00 pm