GSMAR Calendar

The Calendar below can be viewed in different formats. In the top right you can see it in weekly, monthly modes or in agenda mode which puts it in a list format. Also if you drag your mouse over that area, you'll see a grey box with arrow and box. Clicking this gives you a full screen view and the ability to print the calendar or to save the calendar for later use.

Here's a couple more tips.

If you click on one of the events, a bubble pops up. Here you can click on "copy to my calendar" and if you have a google calendar, it will add it to yours automatically. Then you can set a notification to remind you of the class at a specified time, day or week.

Because we send out invitations to register for classes two weeks in advance, you can copy classes you are interested in to your calendar. Then, set a notification for two weeks so you don't forget to look for the sign up invitation. Just another way of keeping our busy REALTORS informed.

2021 TAR Schedule