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The Calendar below can be viewed in different formats. In the top right you can see it in weekly, monthly modes or in agenda mode which puts it in a list format. Also if you drag your mouse over that area, you'll see a grey box with arrow and box. Clicking this gives you a full screen view and the ability to print the calendar or to save the calendar for later use.

Here's a couple more tips.

If you click on one of the events, a bubble pops up. Here you can click on "copy to my calendar" and if you have a google calendar, it will add it to yours automatically. Then you can set a notification to remind you of the class at a specified time, day or week.

Because we send out invitations to register for classes two weeks in advance, you can copy classes you are interested in to your calendar. Then, set a notification for two weeks so you don't forget to look for the sign up invitation. Just another way of keeping our busy REALTORS® informed.

2022 TNREALTORS Schedule

January 1

Tennessee REALTORS® Office Closed (New Year's)

January 7

2022 NAR Director Applications Due

January 10

Good Neighbor Award Application Due

January 17

Tennessee REALTORS® Office Closed (Martin Luther King Jr. Day)

February 8-9

Tennessee Excel Summit (TNEX)

February 10

Day on the Hill *TENTATIVE*

February 16-17

A.R.E.A. Class

February 24-27

President's Circle (Bahamas)

March 11-14

AEI (Atlanta)

March 14-19

MIPIM (France)

March 21-23

Regional 4 Leadership Event (Dollywood)

April 5-6

NAR Broker Summit (Arizona)

April 11-13

Roadshow (Middle) *TENTATIVE*

April 15

Tennessee REALTORS® Office Closed (Good Friday)

April 20

Applications Open:

-TREEF Educator of the Year

-Tennessee REALTORS® Officer

-Tennessee REALTORS® Realtor of the Year

May 1-6

NAR Legislative Meetings (Washington, D.C.)

May 19-20

Roadshow (West) *TENTATIVE*

May 30

Tennessee REALTORS® Office Closed (Memorial Day)

June TBD

Roadshow (East) *TENTATIVE*

June 15

A.R.E.A. Class

June 16

Broker Summit

June 20

Committee Application Opens

July 4

Tennessee REALTORS® Office Closed (Independence Day)

July 8

Applications Due:

-TREEF Educator of the Year

-Tennessee REALTORS® Realtor of the Year

July 13

Nominating Officer Applications Due

June 13-15

NAR Communications Directors Institute (New Orleans)

June 19-21

NAR Government Affairs Directors Institute (Philadelphia)

August 3

Tennessee REALTORS® Nominating Committee Meeting

August 4

Tennessee REALTORS® Awards Committee Meeting

August 8-9

NAR Leadership Summit

August 15

Committee Applications Due

August 15-17

NAR C5 Summit (New York)

August 24

A.R.E.A. Class

August 25

Budget & Finance Committee Meeting

August 26

Executive Committee Meeting

September 5

Tennessee REALTORS® Office Closed (Labor Day)

September 12


September 20

A.R.E.A. Class

September 21-23

Fall Convention (French Lick, IN)

September 22

A.R.E.A. Graduation

October 24-26

Leadership & Advocacy Conference

November 9-14

NAR Annual Governance Meetings

November 15

2023 Leadership Begins

November 24-25

Tennessee REALTORS® Office Closed (Thanksgiving)

December 23-26

Tennessee REALTORS® Office Closed (Holiday Break)