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Electric Car

A few years back we acquired a 2000 Dodge Neon with the engine blown and since Canadian Electric Vehicles sells kits for this specific car, work started as soon as the grant money was in the bank and the parts were received.

It was a challenging task but we were able to get the car going.

Our EV has 96 Volts of direct current being sent and converted to alternating current motor.  You can plug it in to any conventional outlet but the range and top speed are still to be determined.

The electric car club has been running steadily since 2011.  I've been quite passionate about the technology and benefits of electric cars for about 5 years now.  In 2010 I applied for a national grant from A+ For Energy and won $10 000 to convert a traditional car with an internal combustion engine to a full electric vehicle.

Students began by removing the radiator, exhaust system, fuel tank, engine and anything else we didn't need.  We installed parts supplied by the Canadian Electric Vehicles and worked after school and on weekends until we got the car running last spring.

Along the way I've won $5000 from The World Wildlife Federation and another $10 000 from A+ for Energy to sustain the project and to continue to use and test the car for years to come.  We have had costly upgrades to the car but plans are designed to build a solar charging station for the car.  Thanks to TD Friends of the Environment we have secured another $5000 to finish the solar project and keep a new team going who will be earning credit as they wire the charging station together.

No tax dollars have been spent on this project and it will only add to the already substantial evidence supporting the green future filled with electric cars and allow students to see and understand Electric Vehicles (EVs).  

In 2016 we were given another generous opportunity from TD friends of the environment and won a grant to replace the lead acid batteries with lithium ion batteries.  This upgrade is currently underway.  

"Where does that energy come from?" If you are wondering how efficient the energy transfer is from a traditional power plant, please click here.  Even when charged by a wall outlet that ultimately gets its power from burning coal or gas, electric cars are still far cleaner that ICE cars.

The chart below (taken from the US department of energy) shows the cost associated with owning a gas powered 2015 Toyota Rav 4 compared to a 2015 Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicle

For more comparisons please visit the US Dept. of Energy's website.

If you think electric cars are slow watch this electric Tesla Roadster drag race a mustang.

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Here is an example of the electric super car

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This has to be watched simply because of the transformation of one of the most iconic cars of all time

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