Mr. Nielsen

Exam Week Schedule


Monday June 18th

Tuesday June 19th

Wednesday June 20th

Chemistry Exam Day

Thursday June 21st

Friday June 22nd

Math Exam Day

Times Available

9 – 11 am

1 – 3 pm

9 – 11 am

1:45 – 3 pm

9 – 11 am

1 – 3 pm

9 – 11 am

1 – 3 pm

Supervision 9 - 11:30 

Available 12:30 - 1:30 

 Please note I’m changing classrooms from 220 to 108 so will be going back and forth often, if you want set time for questions please email ahead of time.  Time that I’m not available I am supervising exams.

The purpose of this site is to give you access to all my notes and assignments from anywhere in the world.

Please check in regularly for notes, updates and assignments, especially if you are absent from class and take some time to read my class rules.

I also recommend that parents/guardians continuously discuss with their children when assignments, quizzes, labs and exams will be assessed, in addition to the regular course material.

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