Why Are We Changing?
  • One email / calendar platform for both staff and students with 25 GB of e-mail storage
  • Access of information on any device, anytime, anywhere: through the web or an app
  • Considerable support time savings and avoiding a needed and  expensive system upgrade

Transition Process

  • Staff will keep their usual @blackgold.ca addresses, and their @gshare.blackgold.ca mail will be combined into one Google Apps mail account, with @blackgold.ca as the only address.  
  • Your email address will not change - it will always be firstname.lastname@blackgold.ca  All mail sent to this address will always get to you, even during the transition process.
  • Mail, contacts and calendar data will be moved for staff through an automated process.
  • All of your folders will remain intact as labels.
  • Microsoft Office will continue to be licensed through Alberta Ed.  Outlook support will end.
  • Tech Dept. will support/manage Google Apps mail as they currently do  Exchange/Outlook.

  • March: Technical Setup and Early Adopters (contact barry.scheelar@blackgold.ca to be one)
  • April: Training “GoTo” Staff Member in Each School; Setup Early Adopter Schools
  • May: Change Over - “Go-Live” Date To Be Announced For Each School

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