Google Apps for Education

Welcome to our tutorial on Google Apps for Education (GAFE), which has been created using Google Sites.  

Here are the links to the creators' bios, which describes our experiences with Google Apps for Education. 

Our tutorial was originally targeted toward students in the University of British Columbia's MET Program. The intention is also that educators worldwide can share it with their own staff for professional development. We are assuming that some of our audience will have minimal experience using GAFE and will therefore begin with the basics. We will also provide opportunities for those familiar with the essentials to broaden their expertise. Please feel welcome to spend as much or as little time on each section as you feel necessary to master the app.
The available resources focus on the different app's affordances with examples of how you can use GAFE to enhance teaching and learning activities in the Math and Science classrooms. We will also confront some possible challenges in fostering collaborative environments and open a discussion around strategies for overcoming these obstacles.

** Begin by watching this video for a quick overview of Google Drive

Tutorial Overview

The content of this Tutorial is 3-4+ hours. There are practice components within each of the Google Apps for Education section, which will vary in the amount of time based on your prior experience with Google Apps. 

You will need your own device for this tutorial for hands-on practice. Please work in pairs or a group of 3 when engaging in the practice components on the tutorial so that you can work collaboratively when trying the different apps.

For additional information on Google Apps for Education please go to https://www.google.ca/edu/training/get-trained/

Tutorial Format

Our tutorial is set up for you by sections within this Google Site. Please follow the tabs at your leisure to explore the different aspects of Google Apps for Education.
They are all within the Google Drive™ Environment.

Please proceed to Educational Rationale

You can also visit our Discussion section throughout the tutorial.