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Last week in First Grade:
Apples were our theme for the week.  We did lots of different things with apples.  The best part of the week was our apple tasting party!
We tasted 8 different kinds of apples and found that we liked the Sweetango apple the best. We even got to taste apples with different toppings to see if we liked them better plain or with a topping.
We made 3 different graphs during our apple tasting.

This week in First Grade:
We moved back to our animal unit to finish it off.  We worked with our buddies on Wednesday to come up with what type of habitat the animal we selected lives in. 
Please remember to help your student select and send in items along with a shoebox so that they can build their habitat here at school.

Art Adventure:
We had our first Art Adventure lesson today.  It was wonderful.  Thank you to all you parents who train to bring this program into our school!

Our poem this week:
I've got a dog.

Spelling:  We are writing beginning and ending sounds in words.  We have learned the sounds of the following letters:
m, s, b, f, t, & c.  We also learned the short vowel sound for the letter "a".

Next week in First Grade:

We will start a new theme next week - Colors

We will be reading:
 Little Color Birds  and I Am A Pirate

Spelling:  We will be learning how to finger spell and will be writing whole words with short vowel "a".