Regional Board Calendar of Meetings 2018

Charles City County Public Schools
Dr. David Gaston, Superintendent
Ms. Martha Harris, Board

Chesterfield County Public Schools
Dr. James Lane, Superintendent
Dr. Javaid Siddiqi, Board

Goochland County Public Schools
Dr. Jeremy Raley, Superintendent
Mr. John Wright, Board*

Hanover County Public Schools
Dr. Michael Gill, Superintendent
Mr. John Axselle III, Board

Henrico County Public Schools
Dr. Pat Kinlaw, Superintendent
Mrs. Michelle Ogburn, Board Vice-Chair*

Hopewell Public Schools
Dr. Melody Hackney, Superintendent
Mr. Christopher Reber, Board

King &Queen Public Schools
Dr. Carol Carter, Superintendent
Mrs. Harwood Hall, Board*

New Kent County Public Schools
Dr. David Myers, Superintendent
Mrs. Sarah Grier Barber, Chair*

City of Petersburg Public Schools
Dr. Marcus Newsome, Superintendent
Mr. Kenneth Pritchett, Board*

Powhatan County Public Schools
Dr. Eric Jones, Superintendent
Mrs. Valarie Ayers, Board

Prince George Public Schools
Dr. Renee Williams, Superintendent
Mr. Reeve Ashcraft, Board

City of Richmond Public Schools
Mr. Thomas Kranz, Int.Superintendent
Mr. J. Scott Barlow, Board

MLWGS Director
Dr. Robert C. Lowerre

MLWGS Board Clerk
Mrs. Barbara Marshall

MLWGS Deputy Board Clerk
Mrs. Megan Perez
Superintendent's Steering Committee
Dr. David Myers, Chairman
Dr. Patrick Kinlaw, Vice-Chairman

Maggie L. Walker Governor's School
Regional School Board
Calendar of Meetings
January 2018 - January 2019

January 16, 2018        Board Orientation for New Members
January 16, 2018        Reorganization Regional Board Meeting 
February 1, 2018        Finance Oversight Committee Meeting
February 15, 2018      Regional Board Meeting     
                          Budget Work Session
March 8, 2018            Finance Oversight Committee Meeting 
March 15, 2018          Regional Board Meeting & Public Hearing for
                       Input on Budget Proposal
April 12, 2018            Finance Oversight Committee Meeting
April 19, 2018            Regional Board Meeting
                                  No May Finance Oversight Committee Meeting
May 17, 2018             Executive Board Meeting
June 7, 2018               Finance Oversight Committee Meeting
June 21, 2018             Executive Board Meeting
                                   No July Finance Oversight Committee Meeting
                                   No July Regional or Executive Board Meeting
                                   No August Finance Oversight Committee Meeting
August 16, 2018         Regional Board Meeting
                                   No September Finance Oversight Committee                                              Meeting
September 20, 2018   Executive Board Meeting
October 4, 2018         Finance Oversight Committee Meeting
October 18, 2018       Regional Board Meeting
November 1, 2018      Finance Oversight Committee Meeting
November 8, 2018      Executive Board Meeting 
November 14-16, 
                     2018      VSBA Annual Conference - Williamsburg, VA
December 4, 2018      FY17 Budget Development Public Town Hall 6 pm
December 6, 2018      Finance Oversight Committee Meeting
                                   No December Regional or Executive Board                             Meeting
                                   No January Finance Oversight Committee Meeting
January 15, 2019         Board Orientation for New Members
January 17, 2019         Reorganization Regional Board Meeting 

Meeting Times & Locations
Finance Oversight:  8:30 am, Room 218
Policy Steering Committee Typically Meets at the Conclusion of Board Meetings
Regional Board: 9:00 am, Room 153

* Executive Board Member