Maggie L. Walker Governor's School - Home of the Green Dragons

188 Graduates

They were awarded a minimum of $16.5 million in scholarship offers.

As a class, they have performed a total of 37, 081 community service hours. This is an average of almost 200 hours per student.

One student from Hanover County had 834 hours.

The average Grade Point Average was a 3.98 

The average SAT score was 1419.

They are going to 68 different colleges, 108 are staying in-state, 80 are going out-of-state.

Of the 108 staying in-state, 90 (or 48%) are going to one of these five state schools:  The University of Virginia, The College of William & Mary, Virginia Tech, George Mason University and Virginia Commonwealth University. 

Thirteen were National Merit Finalists and 57 more received Commendations in the National Merit Program.  Four are receiving National Merit Scholarships.

Three were Presidential Scholar candidates.