CUES+ Note-Taking Strategy

What is the CUES+ Note-Taking Strategy?

CUES+ is a form of strategic note-taking which has been designed to help students take more efficient notes while listening to lectures. Students are trained to take notes on specially-designed CUES+ note-taking paper (see below). On this paper, they compartmentalize various aspects of the lecture. For example, there is a section for students to record vocabulary words and definitions. Students are trained to be on the lookout for various cues that are given by the teacher that signal that information is important and that it should be in their notes. Teachers can also be trained in the strategy, which allows for more effective cues to be delivered; however, students can also use this strategy on their own. After the lecture is over, students then think about the lecture and the notes that they have taken and write a quick summary of the main lecture points. By learning to take more efficient and effective notes, students have better notes to study from, thus improving their chances for success. 

        C             ClusterCluster together 3 to 6 main 
                           points of the lecture
              U        UseUse teacher cues to record ideas
                                                               1. Number Cues Ex. "There are six parts to the cell..."
                                                               2. Importance CuesEx. "This is really important to                                                                                             remember..."
                                                 E          EnterEnter important vocabulary
                                 S           SummarizeSummarize quickly and 
                           whenever possible
                  +          PlusAdd or use abbreviation, pictures, or 
                            symbols to personalize your notes

Pilot studies have shown that the CUES+ Strategy can be an effective tool for improving note-taking skills and for enhancing learning for both students with and without learning disabilities. Dr. Boyle's current research project is working to further refine the strategy to make it even more highly effective and to more deeply investigate the many benefits of this strategy.

Note-Taking Paper to use with the CUES+ Strategy:

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