Below is a listing of the courses that the CSA program offers. Click on a course below to see its syllabus. 

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Foundational Courses

Students must complete 33 credits of foundational coursework (all of the courses listed above plus two "Special Topics in CSA" courses). Although students are not expected to take classes during the summer prior to their second year, many choose to do so. This helps in lightening students' academic loads, especially with respect to Field Experience and/or Elective coursework. 

Elective Courses

A total of 9 credits (3 courses) of elective coursework mus be completed in order to satisfy the elective course requirement. The above table is a representative sample of elective courses within the CSA department. 6 out of the 9 credits (2 out of the 3 courses) must be "Special Topics in CSA" courses. Other graduate-level courses outside of the department may satisfy the elective course requirement, but will require a faculty advisor's review and approval. Additionally, students must receive approval from their internship site supervisor if they wish to take an elective course during their first year.
 A third Field Experience for academic credit is not a permissible elective.