Goldendale School District * Goldendale High School

Goldendale High School Scholarships 2018-19


Completing the Scholarship Application

 UW Ferguson Endowed Scholarship 


Theo Caldwell Memorial 

 April 25

Goldendale Kiwanis ** May 1

Revised as of March 9, 2018

Mattern Science ** - April 1

Erland Memorial ** - April 25

Box Canyon - May 1

Goldendale Motorsports Assn. 

April 1

Goldendale Jr Community Chamber Scholarship 

 April 25 

Emma & Freeman Grow Scholarship 

- May 1

 April 10

Health Careers 

April 25

Goldendale Education Association - 

May 1

Goldendale Grange #49 - May 1st

Bruckert ** - April 5th

Goldendale Lions Club - April 10

Eastern Star - May 1

Klickitat County CattleWomen & Livestock Growers Scholarship  - May 1

Dooley Leah Rebekah Lodge Foundation 

April 10

Klickitat Valley Hospital Memorial Foundation 

May 1

Greater Goldendale Area Chamber of Commerce  

May 5

Odd Fellows Lodge of Goldendale 

April 10 (Boys only)



KVET-Marcelle Montgomery 

 May 10

Goldendale Sentinel Pete May Memorial  

April 15

Republic Services -

Due to Mrs. Fields April 30

Klickitat Valley Education Trust 

 May 10

Public School Employees ** 

April 25

Klickitat Valley Health Board of Commissioners  - 

 May 1

Klickitat Valley Health Services Employees           

Due to Mrs. Fields May 20

April 10

(available on a year by year basis)

You can access your scholarship application(s) at school and home.  (Please use Google Chrome as the web browser for the best results - you can download it for free at home). Select a scholarship, Click to open it, key in your information and SAVE the completed application as a word document(s). SAVE either directly into your Google Docs OR SAVE to the desktop
If you haven't already setup your Google Docs account, please use the student info link located on the High School website.  Login with your first initial and last name, (ie John Doe is jdoe). The password is goldendale.
It will force you to create a password. Use your lunch number and four zero's, (ie 55550000).

If this process does not work for you:

High School library - ask Mrs. Krall for assistance.

Career Center - ask Mrs. Fields for assistance.