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     Welcome to Goldendale Primary Schools website. Our school is proud to be recognized as a Leader in Me School after applying and receiving a $70,000.00 grant from the Franklin and Covey Institute. We believe that all of our students are leaders and allow them to demonstrate their leadership abilities in student lead action teams, student lead assemblies, student roles/jobs and many other activities. 

     The Seven Habits of Happy Kids is one of the processes we teach at Goldendale Primary School to promote student success. As a staff the habits are entrenched in our beliefs as the best way to improve academic success while decreasing student discipline issues. Please see the sidebar for a look at the seven habits and a brief description of each one. By following the seven habits we know that students will attain the Four Truths of Goldendale Primary School. These Truths are Timberwolves are Respectful, Timberwolves are Responsible, Timberwolves have Integrity and Timberwolves are Persistent. 

     New for this year is the WATCH D.O.G.S. (Dads Of Great Students) program. The Watch D.O.G.S. program is an educational initiative if the National Center for Fathering.The two primary goals of the program are: To provide positive male role models who, by their very presence, show a respect for the importance of education.- And to enhance school security and reduce bullying. Please see the sidebar for more information on the Watch D.O.G.S. program and come RUN WITH THE D.O.G.S.

     This year Goldendale Primary School was recognized for an award by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction and the State Board of Education for continuous improvement in English Language Arts (Reading and Writing). We are very proud of the efforts put forth by students and staff in receiving this award and look forward to continually educating well rounded students and citizens. 

     We are excited to invite you to our very first The Leader in Me Leadership Day! We want to share the great things our leaders are achieving. Here's what the day will look like:
9:00 to 9:20 registration
9:30 Assembly
Tour groups will start after the assembly.
BBQ Lunch starts at 11:15
Please go to the following site to sign-up: The Leader in Me Leadership Day!

- Chip Ferrell,  Principal

ESEA and Title IA

ESEA and Title IA Information

In compliance with ESEA and Title IA Goldendale school district needs to provide you information and an opportunity to request Supplemental Education Services. Please see the linked letter for additional information or visit the OSPI website at the address listed below.


Goldendale Primary School,   820 S Schuster Ave,   Goldendale,  WA  98620
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School launches Leadership Award

Jaden Allen takes first award in new program


HAPPY TO LEAD: Jaden Allen is GPS' first Outstanding Leader.

The Goldendale Primary School has begun a program called the Outstanding Leadership Award, to recognize students who have gone above and beyond in demonstrating outstanding leadership. The recipient will receive a Timber Wolf Leadership Lanyard from The Leader In Me, an organization focused on fostering the education principles of author Franklin Covey (The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People). The award winner also be recognized on an Outstanding leadership Board with a picture of them.

The school's first recipient is Jaden Allen who was nominated by Carren Tallman. Here is what Tallman had to say about Jaden: "Jaden Allen is constantly doing responsible things (picking up garbage near the bathrooms, picking up playground equipment, picking up trash around the classroom) and she never asks for a reward for doing so. I thought maybe you'd like to make a special trip and give her a T-paw for all of her good work."

Leaders can only be nominated at this time by staff and must have truly demonstrated outstanding leadership through living the seven habits that then enable them to live the truths of "We are Respectful, We are Responsible, We have Integrity and We will persevere."