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Thank you for taking a look at the Goldendale Middle School page on our website! Whether you are a current student, parent, or a new person, we want to welcome you to Goldendale Middle School. Our entire staff is excited about the the opportunity to serve our students and our community.

At Goldendale Middle School, we strive to serve every student.  In addition to core offerings such as reading and math, we enroll students in classes ranging from art to robotics. This school year we are also introducing a new technology driven course called "Flight and Space." Thanks to the hard work of dedicated staff, we have a building wide schedule that includes a half-hour intervention (or enrichment) period every day except Wednesday.  The purpose of this time is to help students build skills in reading or math, depending on the need each student has.  We have given all students their Student Access login so that once each week they can view their own grades on our Skyward system and take care of any challenging grades.  Teachers also use a variety of intervention tools and strategies to try to help students who are behind close the gap.  Because some of our students are already well above standard, two of these sections are designed to meet the needs of our highly capable and high achieving students.

As in previous years, we continue to build relationships with and among students through our Navigation 101 program, National Junior Honor Society, Leadership, Gateway to Technology, and our Highly Capable Program.  We strive to build citizens who will take on rigorous work and positively contribute to society as students and adults.

Some nuts and bolts about out daily schedule:  The building opens to students at 7:45.  At that time they may be in the library, cafeteria, or outside on the playground.  At 8:00, the hallways open and they can get their materials and go to class.  Most staff are ready to help students before school, but this should be prearranged. 

If a student needs help with homework, we also have an extended day program in Room 13 on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday (from 2:50-3:45), and in Room 18 on Wednesday (1:45-3:15).  This after school program starts mid September. This is a great place for students to keep caught up or get caught up on school work.

Please be sure to watch for our parent bulletin which is updated every other week.  Again, thanks for joining us! We look forward to an outstanding year.

ESEA and Title IA Information

In compliance with ESEA and Title IA Goldendale school district needs to provide you information and an opportunity to request Supplemental Education Services. Please see the linked letter for additional information or visit the OSPI website at the address listed below.

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