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Cyber Awareness: By SRDAV

The internet has made a gigantic impact on the world. Although, like any thing ever invented, it has its pros and cons. Nowadays, a typical person can look up something in seconds, due to modern technology, and sadly, people are misusing the concept. There are some people who want to destroy the internet security and cyber security of people. They take delight in destroying the privacy of websites and browsers. With this being stated, we must find solutions to prevent this ongoing problem.

Therefore, in this website, we have stated on some major ways to make an impact in this world.
In this website you could learn and aware of what cyber crime is, how to prevent it, how to secure our personal data, why cyber security is needed, what we did to promote cyber awareness and all other topics related to this important issue.

Cyber Awareness: By SRDAV

All the things related to cyber security are introduced in this video

Cyber security: By SRDAV

         It is a comic related to cyber awareness introduced by S.R. D.A.V. Public School       

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