Earth Day, Every Day

How good of a job have we done to help the earth and endangered animals?  Since the Industrial Revolution the people of planet Earth have polluted water, air and land which led to a hole in the ozone, global warming, disease, reduced quality of life and the extinction of species.  When we realized this was happening we started to make an effort to save the Earth.   

What can we do to help? 
Our class discussed endangered animals from our region as well as from the regions of our 
collaborative partners to raise awareness amongst students and their families. We have looked at many different species, facts about these species and contributing factors to endangerment. During our discussion we held a survey to choose an animal from our region to 'adopt' by donating to the World Wildlife Fund. The animal our class chose was a Cougar - representing a Florida Panther, an extremely endangered species in our area. All the students chipped in donation money for the adoption. 

After seeing what our partner school did, we at Field-
Stevenson School decided to hold our own fundraiser to help protect the Amur Leopard.  What we learned is that people can be inspired to help when they are actively sharing and communicating - two things essential for global collaboration.


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