Introduction to Topic

by Mann Students

Food is a powerful topic.  Food is needed by every living being on our planet. Food crosses all continents, cultures, and races.  Although we are all different & unique, we all have a deep relationship with food.  

As we started brainstorming sub-topics about food to research and add to our website, we realized that food is a massive topic.  When our brainstorm list was complete, we saw that we could easily divide each topic into two categories- positive and negative aspects of food.  We realized that food in it’s natural, organic state is beautiful, however food can also bring sorrow.  With this discovery, we had our title and the focus of the website.  We spent the rest of our time exploring the positive and negative impacts food can have on people around the world.  

Food is remarkable. Food can be used to heal the sick.  Healthy, whole foods can act as medicine to keep people healthy and cure diseases. Different cultures & countries eat different foods based on their agriculture and they have different health benefits.

On the other hand, food can harm people.  If people eat unhealthy junk food, they can become sick and/or obese.  Bad food can cause a large number of medical conditions and people can die from unhealthy diets. Additionally, there are many people around our world who do not have enough to eat causing them pain and suffering.  

After looking at all of these negative effects of food, we wanted to know how we could help.  We wanted to help educate the world about all the wonderful health benefits of healthy foods.  Additionally, we wanted to help with food waste that is piling up in landfills.  Finally, we wanted to help people who are hungry.  We want to help people across the globe, but we started with a food drive to help those less fortunate in our community.  As Mother Teresa said best, If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”  We knew we needed to start somewhere.

Horace Mann Elementary School
Oak Park, IL 
United States of America

All About Mann Elementary

      Our school is named after Horace Mann. He was born in 1796. He was a HUGE supporter of public elementary schools. He wanted all kids to go to school for free.

Our school was built almost a hundred years ago. All of the students at Mann live in Oak Park, IL, USA. There are 461 students and six grades. There are four classrooms for each grade level. We are taught reading, writing, math, social studies, and science. We also have special classes such as art, Spanish, gym, music, and library.

At our school, we have the opportunity to bring a lunch or get hot lunch from the cafeteria. Each day, kids are given 3 hot lunch options. One option of the three options is always a vegetarian choice. Many students who bring their lunch from home bring a sandwich. Our favorite hot lunch is pizza, chicken tenders and mac N cheese.

We are lucky enough to have two parks to play at. One is for little kids and the other park is for older kids. There is a huge field with two baseball fields and on the blacktop, there are two kickball fields and a few four squares.

Furthermore, we have an amazing student council that hosts fundraisers for people and places in need. We have lots of other events such as spelling bees, boys’ and girls’ choice, block parties, and Olympic Day! We have rewards such as horseshoe hoorays, and at the end of every month, we have a “store” where you spend your horseshoes.

Horace Mann Elementary School is a great school to go to for learning and fostering well-rounded students!

Sih-Wei Elementary School
Kaohsiung City

Greeting to all around the world, 

We’re students of Sih-Wei Primary School. The school is located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. It was founded on September 6th, 1963. In order to let the school buildings safer and firmer, the reconstruction was begun in 2007 and finished in 2009. To make the campus modern and stylish, art works are placed in campus, which are designed by professors NKNU Art Education Department. Also, trees are planted along the sidewalks around the school to provide students and neighbor a friendly space. There are about 2650 students and 180 teachers in our school. The school aims to provide adaptive development opportunities to students. A variety of extracurricular clubs enrich students learning experience.

 Students start to learn English from Grade 3 by our school curriculum. GVC1608’s kids are Grade 5 and 6, they try their best to use simple sentences to introduce themselves and their favorite Taiwanese food with drawings. 

We are thrilled to be participants of this project. This project offers the opportunities of the open world view. We would be very happy to have continued chances to learn and understand the cultural diversity and difference. Looking forward to connecting with you all!