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Handmade Background- Pratibha(India)
Banner- Pratibha, Garima(India)
Handmade Poster- Arshita, Pratibha(India)
PPT on 'Save Animals'- Priyanshi, Garima(India)
Animal Olympics
The Olympics is all about recognizing and honoring sporting progress - running, jumping, swimming, diving and doing just about everything else. Yet there are other organisms that that show their skills far from the shiny new stadiums and flag-waving crowds.
Welcome to the Animal Olympics, where endangered animal species compete daily in the wild to thrive and survive. 

  Different species have adapted different athletic abilities to         succeed in their respective environments, from running fast    to chase prey, to swimming great distances in search of food  and safety. Various animals are on the verge of extinction. We are concerned about saving these species and honoring them for their amazing skills.

Animals are amazing athletes and their performances in the wild are often above and beyond Olympic caliber.

Olympic Theme by Aidan (USA)


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Feb 28, 2017, 9:41 AM