In a world of plurality, celebrate your individuality

This website is the Global Virtual Classroom website for GVC1518. GVC1518 includes the schools of St. Paul Lutheran School in Farmington, Missouri (USA), Wunshan Senior High School, Kaohsiung City (Taiwan) and Darbari Lal D.A.V. Model School, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi (India) and aims at motivating the people to revel in their individuality and make a conscious effort to earn their own self- respect by adopting high ideals and ethics.

If we try to analyze the people who are suffering from low self -esteem, we will find that they are those individuals who are insecure and have a fear of failure. This fear and uncertainty makes them negative and they become either very aggressive or depressingly withdrawn. They become wary of the whole world and experience “social anxiety and low levels of interpersonal confidence”.But all is not over…there is hope…such people can be helped… they can be encouraged to come out of their shells and complexes…and become vibrant and contributing members of community. We are doing our bit to spread awareness and spread positivity, optimism and joy around us…ARE YOU??

    Respect cannot be demanded, it has to be earned. The same is the case with self-respect. An individual can hide from everybody in this world but never from his own self. This self-knowledge creates our own esteem in our eyes…and we call it our

Self Esteem 

(Be Yourself)

    For a February project, we made our “Three Word Video”. In this video each of us held up three inspirational words. 
Nick filmed each of us showing the words and then dropping the paper, it was written on. 
We were all filmed, some of us in different locations. The purpose behind the video was to show that words matter. We need to remind ourselves to think and talk postively.

Board Designing activity was another way to increase the self-esteem among our school students. Students took a great initiative and did a lot of hard work too. The glimpse of the activity is being displayed by in the slideshow. The activity came out as a great success.

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