Script By: Avi Mahajan ; Animated By: Rishu Tiwari
VV DAV Public School, Vikaspuri.

Story and Animation by Shivansh Singh & Rishu Tiwari.
VV DAV Public School, Vikaspuri.

Our team welcomes you to GVC 1514. 

We all know that we all are human beings. We all live together on the same planet and share sun, land and water equally. We all love those people who are always with us in our ups and downs. And when the time comes we show our affection to him by helping him in his tough times. This shows what is humanity. We all have a heart which says us to share things with others and help them when they need it. This is 'Helping & Sharing'. Whenever we help someone, we have a feeling of positivity in our mind, the joy we gain from it cannot be conveyed by words. And on the other side we have a person who thinks, This is mine, why should I give him". The one who thinks like that is no less than a devil, in fact he is not even an human being. He lives all alone, in his dark room full of those evil spirits wandering around him. He can never attain happiness, joy or peace. Remember when you do good to someone he will surely repay it. #Good begets Good. #Evil begets Evil. So, which one would you like to become, the one who does not shares anything or the one who loves sharing? 

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