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Maya Angelou once said, “the ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.”  As we thought about this quote we began thinking about the concepts of homes around the world.   Does every culture value homes in the same way?  

Of course, a part of a home is the physical structure we live in.  This made us wonder what the types of houses around our diverse world look like.  As you explore our website, you will find our research into the typical types of homes around the world.  

Our research led us to the unfortunate reality that not every person in our world has a home.  The United Nations estimates,  “100 million people were homeless worldwide. As many as 1.6 billion people lacked adequate housing.” (Habitat, 2015)  Make sure to check out our “Helping the Homeless” tab to see some of work we started this year to help those less fortunate than us.  

Also, we spent a lot of time talking about our favorite parts of our own homes and what makes it our favorite.  All of our homes have unique features that make us feel safe and happy.

To continue, our minds also starting wondering during the course of our research to figure out what might homes of the future look like.  The students had a really fun time brainstorming and creating their vision for future homes.  What would your dream home of the future look like?  

In conclusion, it doesn’t matter where in the world you are or what type of house you live in, make it your home and surround yourself with family and friends.  As you know, home is where the heart is.