"Sustain 'n' Survive, 
Preserve Heritage, 
Promote Peace, 
Do not Bribe,
This is Our World - 
Evolve and Thrive.
- Mayank Aneja (DLDAVSB) 

At GVC1508, our mission is to spread awareness of 
multiple world-wide concerns about peace and heritage. 
 We consist of three schools - One in the United States, one in India, and in the Ivory Coast. We recognize the  importance of preserving heritage and spreading peace. We have worked since autumn of 2015 and are confident    that these principles are crucial for the development of the world. Preserving heritage is about learning from our past. Preserving our culture and heritage is vital for providing our future a well-founded bedrock. Spreading peace can change the world through patriotism, kindness and love.

This website is an outcome of sincere and collaborative efforts. 
We hope that it will prove beneficial and effective to eradicate animal and child abuse, terrorism, 
spread peace and to preserve heritage sites. 

We believe strongly in trying to preserve our national heritages because unlike many things in our life, 
it cannot be regenerated. 

Once a historical site, or a place that has been part of a string of lifetimes’ tradition is destroyed 
or reduced in originality, it can never be brought back to standards. 

So preserve this treasure and take required 
precautions to protect ones that are still in their prime condition. 
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