Welcome to our website on sports and recreation. The website is created by combined efforts of Kulachi Hansraj Model School, Delhi, India and Walton Middle School, Virginia, US as a part of Global Virtual Classroom Contest 2014-15. 


Sports are an integral part of our lives. They play a pivotal role in inculcating values like discipline, responsibility, teamwork, leadership, and several such qualities. These amazing sports not only provide us recreation, but also keep us healthy and fit. Our website provides us an insight into the different sports, which play an important role in defining our cultures, as well as honing our life skills.

In this jet-age, people don't even have the time to sit peacefully. Not only the rate of technology, but also the rate of work-load, stress, tension, and diseases has increased. By God's grace, there are several remedies, discovered by science, to get rid of these problems. But prevention is always better than cure. Sports and games are very effective preventives of several diseases. Today's advancing science has proved that sports are known to reduce the risk of diabetes, heart problems and blood pressure. Recreational activities give us the much required break from the everyday monotonous life. But the value of sports is suddenly getting lost, and people are devoting more time to electronic gadgets than sports. Through this topic, we want to revive the value of sports in the human hearts. 

  • GVC1419: TEAMS - Let us know about team GVC1419, and know about both the schools which are a part of this collaborative venture. Here, we can know about Kulachi Hansraj Model School, India and Walton Middle School, USA.
  • EXPLORE SPORTS - Here, we can know about different sports and games from different parts of the world.
  • RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES -  Let us get an insight into some recreational activities, which may not be that popular throughout the world, but form an important part of the culture of human beings. 
  • HEALTH AND FITNESS - Since we all know that A healthy mind rests in a healthy body, so here are some activities, which help to keep our mind and body calm.
  • REAL SPORTS HEROES - There are several sports persons, who have made us proud at so many instances. Let us know a little about them.
  • DO YOU KNOW? - Did you know before that even dogs played Ice Hockey? Or did you know the national game of China? Find out this and so much more only on Do you know page.
  • MOVIES BASED ON SPORTS - Games and recreational activities, not only influence sports, but also the entertainment sedctor. Please have a look at some of them, in our page. 
  • GLOSSARY - There are some words used in our website, which you might not be familiar with. So let us know the meanings of these words, as well as trace back their origins. 
  • TAKE A QUIZ - Have you gone through our website? Then what are you waiting for? Try out our quizzes, to check your sports quotient, as well as judge your reading and retaining capacities. 
  • HELPING FOCUS - Here is what we have done, to 'give something back to our society, since it is our duty to return something to the society to make the world a better place.