These are small crude shelters. They are mostly made of natural and locally available materials. It is swift and cheap in construction. Nowadays we can see such huts on remote tribal areas only.                                           A Tribal hut in Kerala

                                STILT HOUSES:

These are also called pile dwellings. These type of houses are generally seen on mountains. Stilt houses are constructed near lakes which gives primary protection from flooding.

         Resorts on Stilts in Duars, West Bengal, India

                                            TREE HOUSES:

These are seen in forests for protection from animals. It is made from the branches of mature trees. Tree houses are now used as recreation shelters in wild life tourism also.



These are modified boats for human dwelling. It is either moored or motorized. In Kerala, house boats used for leisure trips are locally called kettuvallams.


Igloos are shelters for Eskimos in the Arctic region.


                                                                                                          Model of a cottage in Grums, Sweden

A resort built on an elevated platform to protect    from floods in Dharamshala, India.


                       A Villa in Phuket, Thailand

A  typical sloping roof house in Kerala, India

        A  quaint little cottage in Schliersee, Germany