Safe Haven: The Warsaw Zoo (2009)

A Review
Director – Gary Lester

The film is a refined piece of art which beautifully portrays the extraordinary courage of an ordinary zookeeper Jan Zabinski and his family , who in order to save most endangered residents – the Jews, give shelter to them in their zoo.

The film revolves around the time of 1939 when Poland falls into the hand of Nazis and their alliances. The horrifying incidents, the inhumane behaviour and the cruelty practiced by Nazis towards the Jews is heart wrenching.

One of the best thing about the film is the positivity and the message of humanity, it brings along. The impressive cinematography is in complete accordance with director’s ideas. The background music, the graphics and the narration are a blend of perfection which intensifies the impact of the film.

It is a must watch and is definitely worthwhile as it conveys the true meaning of shelter.

Trailer of SAFE HAVEN-The Warsaw Zoo



Inmates of "Gurukul" a shelter for the destitute senior citizens
AYUDHAM-A True  Shelter
I am AVLEEN, student of ST. MARK’S SR. SEC. PUBLIC SCHOOL MEERA BAGH. I got a golden opportunity to visit “AYUDHAM SOCIETY”along with my other students and our teachers Ms K Mehta and Ms H Kaur . It was a well furnished and well maintained establishment. It included a reading room, meditation room, an OPD (medical room), laundry, a beautiful garden and separate rooms for the inmates. Mr ASHOK, the president of the society, described all the facilities provided there.

It included 24 senior citizens, 44 children and some handicapped persons. This society follows various aspects of living a happy life and one of these is that they all live like a joint family .I also came to know that this society provided education to nearby villages free of cost. And various medical services are provided to people living there as well as people living in nearby villages. Moreover the life of the people of this society was also telecast in “SATYAMEV JAYATE” a TV serial shown in Star Plus.

I interacted with few people and they all gave me an advice to study hard and achieve my goal in life. This made me very elated. I also dedicated a poem for them which they appreciated very much.Some children sang songs for them and they really enjoyed a lot. I gifted a shawl to a lady and she was very happy and gave me her blessings. We bade goodbye to everyone before leaving.

It was really an inspirational experience and I will definitely take an initiative to spread awareness among people especially children to take care of their parents and stay with them in their good and bad times.
The Night Shelters are vitally important ( specially during the winter season) as they provide a safe, secure and comfortable environment to the homeless people in Delhi. Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board is a nodal agency for night shelters in Delhi. There 231 night shelters operated by various non-governmental organisations (NGOs). They provide blankets, covered and enclosed structure, water, toilets and electricity in all night shelters. The NGOs provide 3 caretakers and 3 helpers round the clock to operate these night shelters. NGOs are required to keep all the night shelters clean, manage entry, keep records of occupancy and report problems. It is also expected that these night shelters would also provide some amenities like bed rolls, potable drinking water, primary health care facilities and recreational facilities, among other things. They are really helpful for poor people as it provides them with a shelter to live along with other important facilities.

                              ANIMAL SHELTER

We all may have pets and must be loving them with utmost care and affection. Animal shelters are those houses which protect lost or abandoned animals mostly stray dogs and cats. I saw evwn parrots in one shelter.The goal of the modern animal shelters is to provide basic needs to the abandoned animals in case of extreme weathers like we have here in India...

I am glad that more and more people of the world are interested in taking care of such animals.I am particularly fond of dogs.
Here in my school we have a "Companimals club" which regularly goes onto the streets to protect stary dogs from extreme winters.Another aim of animal sheltering is that more and more people should adopt pets not from agencies but should care for street cats and dogs which are in great need of shelter.

'NIRMAL HRIDAY- Home for the Pure Heart
Greeting to all,
I am sharing a small piece of information about 'Nirmal Hriday;- Home for the Pure Heart
founded by Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Mother Teresa, located in Kalighat, Kolkata, India. It is a free hospice for the dying destitute which previously served as a temple for the Hindu goddess Kali. Mother Teresa founded it on her 42nd birthday. It was earlier named as 'Home for the Dying', People who were brought here were taken care by the Missionaries of Charity and gave them the opportunity to die with dignity. Its founder - Mother Teresa was also the founder of Missionaries of Charity which is active in 133 countries with about 4,500 sisters who help and run hospices and homes for people with HIV/AIDS,leprosy and TB. She is widely admired for her charitable works.

SOS Children's Village

Whenever we talk about food , clothing and shelter the first genuine shelter that comes to my mind that provides food and clothing is SOS Children`s Village India which is a non profit , non governments and voluntary organization committed to the care of children – orphaned or homeless. SOS village constitute 10-20 family homes, where there are 8-10 children in each family. In each SOS family there is one SOS mother who takes care of these children. These SOS mother are widows or ladies who have lost their family, they are trained for months so that they can provide home like care and love to these children. These children are send to school, collages so that they can pursue for their lives independently. Many SOS children are now married and well settled. The activities of village are financed by through individuals like us , donations from companies land gifts and sponsorship of children. This organization is working from 1964. Our school is in collaboration with this organization from past many years. Every year we are given dockets in which we collect contributions from our neighbors , family and friends and submit he contribution to the volunteers that comes to our classes.
SOS Children's Village provides loving home for every child as their slogan is to Gift a family and a house to child in need'

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                          SOS MISSION