Temples in Taiwan 


         Lungshan Temple is located in Taipei and was founded in 1738. Lungshan Temple is naturally a Buddhist temple, but based on its development, many deities of Taoism were also included. The variety of deities in this temple demonstrate the mentality of the religious life from Chinese people.

        After 2005, number of courses and seminars were begun in order to fulfill Dharma, promote cultural values of social education. Mengjia Longshan Temple rituals and festivals were held as annual activities, such as Lunar Lantern Festival, April Buddha Day, which attract people to come to participate in Mengjia Longshan Temple event. It’s a great way to know the activity better and also experience the specialties.

Foreign exchange students in our school love to visit temples.  Here are the temples they have visited.

We don't just have buddhist temples in Taiwan.  We also have Daoist temples.  Here are some photos.  The photo below are the temples near our school.   


These are the gods in Daoist temple.                         This is the Drunk god in Daoist temple.  The god is always                        
                                                                                           drunk but people workship him here.               
Daoist Temple Ceremony    

          Lucas, the Belgium exchange student, also joined a Daoist temple parade.  He volunteered to stand on the top of the sedan chair and people threw firecrackers at him in the Daoist temple parade.  You can see him in the photo.  This ceremony is called Firecrackers at Master Han Dan.  

 Fo Guang Buddhist Temple in Kaohsiung

       Fo Guang buddhist temple is the biggest temple in southern Taiwan and fortunately it's close to our school. Whenever we have foreign exchange students comoing for a visit, we will show them around in Fo Guang Buddhist Temple.