Shelter is a basic need for everyone. Like we studied in our junior classes shelter provides us cover and protection from wind,rain,sun's heat, cold etc.
Shelter is also of many types like
  • Animal shelter
  • Bus shelter (Bus stop)
  • Emergency shelter
  • Old age home
  • Orphanage
  • Refugee camp
  • Home
  • Inns   and so on....
Shelters also include houses, huts, hotels, resorts,etc. As the population increased at a large rate, people came with the idea of multi-storied buildings. Multi-storied, as the name suggests,is a building with many floors. Builders and architects are researching on various methods of constructing buildings so that they take less area and more number of people can be accommodated.


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          A Multi-storeyed apartments in Bangalore

                          A Homestay in Kerala