It was a fantastic experience being able to work and learn about various cultures. I was able learn a lot from cooperating and working with all of you. Thanks for all the hard work and dedication put into the web page.

I have really enjoyed doing this project because it made me more known with some of the holidays that we celebrate in the United States. Like why we do some of the things that we do all over the place in the United States. I really enjoy working on things that I have never learned about before and I am truly grateful that I get to be a part of this project even though I have never ever truly appreciated something like this I know have experienced what it is like to be a part of all of this. 
Thank you!

The site is full of fun and creative facts about food and culture and I enjoyed being involved, and working with all of you.

I I enjoyed learning about your culture and the various types of food, clothing and traditions. Everyone did an excellent job and put in so much effort. good job guys :)

Cory and I were the editors from the United States. We have enjoyed the experience getting to know the other cultures and their traditions. We have learned so much other the past weeks have greatly appreciate the all the work coming from all the students. Thank you!

austin l. to REFLECTIONS (GVC1416)

I've learn a great deal about your countries and also some from mine. This was a great experience for me and I thank you all for this amazing opportunity.

Karina N. to REFLECTIONS (GVC1416)

I enjoyed learning about your culture and different kinds of foods, clothing and traditions. Everyone involved did an excellent job.

Hello! Thank you all for working with me on this awesome project! I not only learned about other cultures, but also my very own! The content that we have all put together is amazing. I enjoyed looking at everyone's hard work, you all did awesome! I hope we can do this next year!

Everybody did a great job. I loved working with people that are not from the USA,learning new culture, looking at great paintings/drawings and looking at great food from other places it was awesome experience. All of us worked hard and lets hope and pray that everything turns out great. Until another time, Paola.

Hey, everybody did awesome, I learned a lot of things that I didn't know and I enjoyed working with you

Joe T. said 39 seconds ago

It was an awesome experience working with you and everyone else. 

Luis S. to REFLECTIONS (GVC1416)
Its was a grand experience to learn about the cultures and cooperating with you all!

dustin v. to GVC1416
I enjoyed doing this project because of all the interesting information it brought up. Not only did I learn new things about the topics I covered but I also learned from the collective research completed by all my classmates. In this project I also got the opportunity to do a lot of original artwork on the computer to go with my presentation, overall that was my favorite part was getting to draw all the different pictures I did.

Pratishtha V. to REFLECTIONS (GVC1416)

Hey everyone!
I'm glad that I got this wonderful opportunity. This project taught me new things related to: Food, clothing and shelter. Moreover, I made new friends. It reshaped my way of thinking and assimilating things. The most interesting thing about the project was to acquire knowledge about the culture of other countries. I hope I get to take part in this project again. I would also like to show my gratitude for our teacher who selected me for this erudite project.

jahnvi g. to REFLECTIONS (GVC1416)
I warmly greet everyone. I am pleased to be a member of this knowledgeable and integral project.This experience enlightened the different cultures, living styles, food, clothing, etc of people who live in various parts of the world. I thank my teacher who believed in me and gave me the opportunity to be a part of this project.Thank you


Muskan D. to REFLECTIONS (GVC1416)
Hello all! I am so grateful to be a part of such an interesting project. We learnt a lot of things about cultures, clothing and people of different types by the photos and posts by the students and the teachers. I also got to know many people. I really thank my teacher Ms. Srinivas mam to give us the opportunity to take part in such an interesting project. This project was very knowledgeable for me. Thankyou all. 

MuskanD SMSMB India

riya n. to REFLECTIONS (GVC1416)

Warm greetings to all! 

I am glad that I was a part of such an interesting and innovative project. It has filled my mind with novel knowledge and a great learning experience. The project has acted like a medium to understand different cultures and people that reside in this world through articles, photos,etc posted by the members. Not only I have learnt about many new and different styles of cooking, clothing, etc. but understood how distinct they are. I also got to know many new people and a chance interact with them. This project has proved to be beneficial to me in every way. My heartfelt gratitude towards my teacher who encouraged me and gave me this wonderful opportunity!

Thanks and cheers!

Riya N SMSMB India

Anjali L. to REFLECTIONS (GVC1416)

Hello everyone !!

This project was really interesting and was a great learning experience . This project has generated a different way of learning about different culture , food , clothing and shelter . It has given us chance to make new friends across border and enhance our knowledge . I would conclude by thanking my teacher for giving me a great learning opportunity . Thank you :)

Anjali L SMSMB India

Raghav J. to GVC1416
Hello everyone !
I am glad that I am a part of GVC . This is my first year here and got to know so much of different countries . I am so happy that I got such an amazing opportunity . Thank You.

hitanshi n. to REFLECTIONS (GVC1416) Hello everyone I am very happy to be a part of GVC this year again. It was a wonderful year and a wonderful year working with different schools. Also had a great learning experience. Thank you for giving me such a oppurtunity
Namisha C. to REFLECTIONS (GVC1416)
It was wonderful being a part of GVC. I'd thank my teacher for this opportunity. I would love to work and collaborate more. I loved to be a part of it
Kritika K. to REFLECTIONS (GVC1416)
Hello everyone!
It was a fun-filled and an amazing experience working with you all. I thank my teacher for giving me this wonderful opportunity.
Shivam J. to REFLECTIONS (GVC1416)
Hello everyone,
It was a wonderful experience in working with you all , on our topic Food, Clothing & Shelter . It was fun working with you all. Thank you Mam for giving a chance. Thank you

Khyati N. to GVC1416
Hello Everyone !
It was a wonderful experience working with all of you. Not only was GVC a resourceful project but it taught me the importance of team work and collaboration.

Students from Wunshan Senior High school, Taiwan have worked together with the students from the Andrews High School, Texas, USA and St Mark's Senior Secondary Public School, Meera Bagh, India.  They have worked together to get information on Food, Clothing and Shelters to share with the world.  From this contest, they find it very important to work with others because they learn from each other, learn new things such as Powtoon and Hot potato.  In this era of technology, we need to make our students learn more internationally through collaborative work so they can develop their communication, imagination, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.  
Reflections from Taiwan
1.盧恩翎 Hi everyone!!I am very glad to report to this site says about us.I was pleased to participate in this topic and share what we know of things.I know at this site to many different national cultures.Includes poems.foods.clothes....etc.I also have a better understanding of our country's food.Thank teacher let me have the chance to communicate with many people.
2.Chia Yi Chen     Hi everybody! I'm happy to see the people come from world!  I'm come from Taiwan and I learned lots of things about your country.  Hope I can have more chance to know more about India and America!
3. Yu Wen      Hey friends!  Because of this interesting project,I learned many traditional cultures from Taiwan,India,and America.This is my pleasure to join the group which is full of Informative and academic.It's was the first time in my senior high school life to do such a serious but interesting project.By the way,I have to thank my excellent teammate and our best teacher,Ms. Chen.Thank you all.:))
4. Tzu Han      Good afternoon everyone! I am very happy doing on a Web page report. I can wrote english poetry for my hometown Taiwan. Also I can understanding of the Taiwan Nature Taiwaness. Example a traditional The Paiwan clothes. I am very honored to participate in this topic!
5. Pei Rong  Hi everyone! I am very honored to have the meal and the activities.  Activities make me to understand Aboriginal ceremonies.  Also slowly accumulated in my English ability is more important, I could write a poem.  And very happy to understand various cultures.                                                                                                   
6.曾 雨馨 to GVC1416    I am looking forward this project. I consider that I gain a special experience to connect with foreign syudents.Thanks for my teacher and everyone.                                                                                                       
 7.Gia-Ning H. to GVC1416   Hello everyone.I`m glad to take a part in this lesson.I learned a lot from this website such us how to make a Web page report,how to make a better powerpoint and so on.Thank you everyone.                                     
8Fang Yi L. to GVC1416     It's hard for me to speak English but when I join this class I started trying to speak English even it's very difficult. I find something interesting In the process also understand Indian and American culture. I will continue to work hard and to know more culture.                                                                                                            
9. Bo-Shen H. to GVC1416  Hello! I'm happy to join this project because my English has become better.I hope I can learn more about it. 
10.YuLin S. to GVC1416  I'm happy to participate it.I will work harder to be the best.Thanks for my classmate,friend and teacher.    
11吳 奕霆 to GVC1416 Hello,I am Wu Yi Ting.I am happy that I can join this activity and it was a wonderful experience that I can working with you all..                                                                                                                                              
12. 洪 韻婷 to GVC1416 Hello! I am very pleased to participate in GVC.  After this participation,let me know more about Taiwan.  Thank you.                                                                                                                               
13.JIA_MIN P. to GVC1416 Hello,I'm JIA-Min. I am lucky that I can join the activity. After doing the project of Taiwan Historical remains,I not only understand more about my homeland,but I also spot on many interesting historical buildings to visit,like Irion Street,which is a forgotten street. Moreover,there is a market named Soldier Market which many soldiers went shopping to before.   
14. jia fang Z. to GVC1416
  Hello! I'm happy to join this project.
  This website makes my English become better.
    I hope I can learn more in it.