Turning seed into Scrap!!!

                                          We all are the children of one God                                         

We dwell together on this Earth.

Then how could we waste food

Without considering its worth?

Hundreds and thousands have toiled

Under the scorching sun of summer

To protect the planted crops, the farmer

Even experiences bitter cold winter.

Their hearts are filled with new ray of hope

By showing patience they cope

They plant, not only to feed just one location

But to satisfy the hunger of an entire nation

But alas! They do not know that humanity has ended

In the hands of wastage their precious production has landed

“Stop this! Save the grain!” the voices cry

Of those whose throats are choked and dry

And now with haste I may say,

Millions of people would pray

For a taste of an apple

That you just threw away

Let us know the value of food

Let us realize that we should

Let us pledge to share if we have excess

                                                               Let us be rid of this helplessness.                                                         

                                                                                                                       Credits                                                                                                                                                                             Turning seed into scrap poem : Kritika K SMSMB