A wonderful island,

Moon cake ,dumplings,stinky tofu

Make us satisfy.

Yushan, Alishan, Yangmingshan

Three national mountains on this island

With fresh air, beauty view, cute animals

Taipei 101, Sun Moon Lake, Mucha Zoo

If you are in Taiwan,

You must go to these places.

We have nine major native Taiwanese tribes

Like the Ami, the Atayal, the Yami

They like dancing and singing.

The most important is

They are very enthusiastic.

Taiwan is located in Asia

In the west of Pacific Ocean

Our seafood is the most well-known, delicious food in Taiwan.

If you want to know Taiwan culture more

Welcome to Taiwan.


                                                                                                                 Credit                                                                                                                               Poem by Lin, Yu Ze, WSHS Taiwan