Creative Poetry


The winter had left.

The spring is coming.

It is browing the warm breeze.

It is time for cultivation.

It is time for go hunting.


The spring had left.

The summer is coming.

The red-hot sun.

The people wish to be peace with natural.

Hope the favor from nature.

We hope that will had the suitable rainfall.


The spring had left.

The autumn is coming.

It is a pleasant cold weather.

It is time for harvest.

They sing that the song belongs to the Ami.

They dance that the style belongs to the Ami.

The Ami are in celebrate of their great harvest.

The national show concern for the Ami who thanks. 





















A wonderful island,

Moon cake ,dumplings,stinky tofu

Make us satisfy.

Yushan, Alishan, Yangmingshan

Three national mountains on this island

With fresh air, beauty view, cute animals

Taipei 101, Sun Moon Lake, Mucha Zoo

If you are in Taiwan,

You must go to these places.

We have nine major native Taiwanese tribes

Like the Ami, the Atayal, the Yami

They like dancing and singing.

The most important is

They are very enthusiastic.

Taiwan is located in Asia

In the west of Pacific Ocean

Our seafood is the most well-known, delicious food in Taiwan.

If you want to know Taiwan culture more

Welcome to Taiwan.



When you take the first bite of roasted sweet potatoyou have known Taiwan's shape.


When you take a deep breath in front of herb tea.You have known the diligent taste of people’s life on this land.


When you standing under the afternoon thunderstorms ,you have known how much is custard apple seed dose.


When you walk through the Donggang river you have known how straight is the flat rice noodles does


When you roll down with spring rolls from the top of mountain ,you will listen the screaming from the abundant contents.


When you move round the edge of green onion pancake you will fall in an eddy of the charming smell.


When you observe a cow strolls through a papaya tree you will know they are indestructible friends.


When you canoe on the surface of mung bean soup you will feel a urge to jump into it.


When you Jumping on the almond tofu ,your happiness will overflow.


Taiwanese food, clothes, and houses 

Taiwanese snacks are delicious.

The best drink is pearl milk tea.

Pearls are chewy but tasty.

Pig blood cakes look ugly,

but they taste very good.

Although stink tofu smells bad,

they are yummy.

Taiwanese cheongsam is beautiful.

It is Taiwanese former clothes.

It looks light and graceful.

Because it represents the new era of knowledge cheongsam women's image and popularity.

So it was once the most popular clothing in the East.

Cheongsam has one of the Taiwan representative symbol.

SanGeYuan is the house in Taiwan A long times ago.

Live in it,winter is warm , and summer is cool.

There are a lot of open space in front of house.

You can play or exercise.

In spite of wind and rain come.

It unshakable and protection you.

Underground house is also in Taiwan A long times ago.

It is Tao family house.

It has three buildings: vahay, makarang,tagakal.

So Taiwan is a great island.