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The first thought that crossed my mind when I heard the topic -“Food, Clothing and Shelter” is that why do these three words hold such great importance in one’s life? We all are aware of the fact that these are the basic means of one’s survival .But have we ever wondered what’s the story behind this need? As a young girl I always used to wonder who were the first ones to take birth on Earth ? Yes, the answer is Adam and Eve-the first man and woman on Earth. To satisfy my curiosity my mom used to tell me a story. It goes like this… It was a belief that god created humans to live in Paradise on Earth but it was the human’s greed that led to his current state of striving for food, clothing and shelter. God created man from dust and named him Adam. He created a beautiful garden for him called the Garden of Eden which had everything to fulfil his basic needs. Soon God created woman (Eve) as his helpmate with whom he could share his life with. God bestowed his blessings to the couple and asked them to help themselves with anything they liked except the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. God warned them that they will die if they eat the fruits of that tree. 
One day when Adam and Eve were collecting berries for dinner Eve encountered a serpent who tricks her and Adam into eating a fruit from the forbidden tree. The serpent lies that if Eve and Adam ate the fruit of that tree they will become like god and will be able to decide what is right and what is wrong.
Driven by the opportunity and desire to become as wise and powerful as God, Eve eats a fruit of that tree and gave a piece to Adam as well. Soon after that she felt guilty that she had disobeyed God and knew she'd done something wrong. As soon as they ate the fruit Adam and Eve became unhappy and fearful of God.Adam and Eve heard God calling them but hid behind the bushes out of fear. On confronting God they blamed each other for their sins. God was sad that Adam and Eve had disobeyed him and asked them to leave the Garden of Eden. He said that from that point they'll have to scratch a living from the soil, they'll need to make clothes and grow food. Nothing will come easily -- not even childbirth. And one day, they will die.

Even today everything we do to make our lifestyle better is for the three basic requirements - Food, Clothing and Shelter. While we are the fortunate ones who are blessed with all three because of  God’s blessings and our parents hard work there are some who do not have even these basic requirements. Let us spare a thought for them and extend a helping hand .


                                                                                                Origin Text: Khyati N SMSMB India
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