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“I’ll be back”- A famous catchphrase from the movie ‘The Terminator’. Well, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, we are also back, yet again on this global platform with another interesting project ‘FOOD, CLOTHING and SHELTER’. We all love to go to shopping malls and buy the best quality branded clothes for ourselves; eat delicious food at the best restaurants, and live a luxurious life within one’s own hard earned home. The three words are mere words and none of us would think about them in our busy day-to-day schedule. For us, food is to eat, clothing is to wear and shelter is to live-as simple as that. We just take them for granted, because they are available to us without much effort. But think of those who crave for it, people who sleep outside on the footpaths under harsh situations of extreme heat/biting cold, small children who die of hunger and families who can’t afford a roof above their head. That is what ‘FOOD, CLOTHING and SHELTER’ is about. These are the things that each person in life works hard to afford or deserve.

Food- What is the first thing that comes to our minds when we hear this word? I actually don’t know about mind but my mouth starts watering when I think of my favourite dishes. And many of us might be remembering our mothers and grandmothers also, who have magical hands and their brains have some wonderful 'mama-mia' recipes. We might eat at the world’s best restaurants but the taste of their food is simply unmatchable; because they have an unmatchable ingredient and that’s love. Food has become a major part of everyone’s lives and the best part is that now-a-days, people want to try the recipes of other countries as well. At any Indian food chain, we can find Italian, Chinese, Singaporean, Continental and foods from many other countries. Food industry has also given us wonderful chefs and is a great job opportunity for young aspirants and food-lovers.

Clothing- When I think about clothing, the first thing that comes to my mind is actually ‘GIRLS’. Every person on planet Earth can associate with this very well. Girls and clothes and the unlimited fashion tactics! With the advancement in the world’s economy, there has been a huge change in people’s outlook towards clothes. Today, everyone, from a toddler of 2 years. to an old man of 60+ wants to look their best and wear the best clothes. Not only this, the market has been constantly flooded with brands globally. The upcoming age is one of the largest number of creative fashion designers. Moreover, the fashion trends have also been increasing. Every time a famous celebrity tries something new, it becomes a clothing trend.

Shelter- One word that describes millions of dreams. Shelter does not mean a house, in the true sense, it is a home! It is a place which each one of us can boast about; a place where we return after spending a hectic day and meet our loved ones, which makes us forget all our worries and tensions. In addition to this, it is a support for us in the economic sense too. Also, it protects us from all the harsh climatic conditions. Each one of us prays to God to provide us a shelter, a secure place which is completely ours. There is much to say about, but “Home Sweet Home” would be the best tagline to explain the importance and love for our shelters.

Thus, this project aims at discussing these three basic necessities of life in a creative and interesting way. And also, realize that as humans; it is our responsibility to ensure that our counterparts in this world are not missing these boons in their lives. One day when this aim is achieved, we all can proudly say that

“Yes! I have made this world a better place to live in”!

St Mark's Sr Sec.Public School Meera Bagh, 
New Delhi, India
        We are a class of students with teacher's guidance.  We are working with you here on this project.  We work on different projects with different countries and we have won a lot of awards.  We are happy to be here this time and the topic--Food, clothing and shelther--is very meaningful and we hope to obtain a lot of knowledge by working with the USA and India at the same time.