Andrews High School USA


     A huge new prospect in the City of Andrews is recycling. The recycling center was developed by the Community Problem Solvers in the high school class of 2011. Community Problem Solvers or CMPS is a class you can take in high school to work and help your community, as class of 2011 did with the recycling center. The goals of the center are to raise awareness of our need to recycle and to make a positive impact on our environment, help our community save money by reducing the amount of trash going to our landfills, grow our recycling program to include centers for collecting other recyclables, and to beautify our community and make residents proud to call Andrews their home. The center is currently accepting paper, cardboard, aluminum, type 1, and type 2 plastics at 812 N Main.

 The CMPS students also worked out a system for the schools to recycle paper. They placed a recycling bin in, or near each classroom and when the bins fill up they are emptied into paper specific dumpsters designated for paper only. Then a truck picks up the paper and takes it to a processing facility to be recycled. The hard work and dedication put in by these students shows not only the amount of effort that Andrews itself thrives on, but the dedication put forward to keep Andrews a safe, and healthy town.



Writing: Brett May ,AHS USA