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My Thanksgiving - by Alessandra

Every year we have Thanksgiving at my Aunt Ramona’s house and everyone in my family comes together, and everyone all come from a lot of different places some from Kansas, Hobs, Mexico, and a lot of other places but we always have Thanksgiving at my aunts because she’s like every ones second mom and to me it wouldn't really feel right to have Thanksgiving in any other places, and we always manage to fit everyone into the house. The morning is usually when everyone starts cooking and by everyone I do mean people like my aunts and mom it’s mostly the women that do the cooking unless the guys get the idea of eating something the women don’t want to have to cook, My cousins and I are usually the one making the deserts like pineapple upside down cake or brownies, cookies, and my most favorite the tres leches cake but I just can’t quite make that one without my mom reminding me what I’m supposed to do and my sisters will help me I’ll let do stuff like mixing and putting the strawberries on the tres leches cake.

First of all is my least favorite thing when my uncle Carol takes up everyone’s electronics and put them away in a box and we don’t get to have them back unless you are leaving to go back home and Thanksgiving is over, but he does take up everything right when you enter the door he’s right there with a big grin on his face ready to take it all, and I try not to let that bother me because I want to have fun and not worry about other things. Everyone in my family is very competitive so we’ll go to dead man’s park and play some games, one of our favorite would be flag football, it’s the adults, teenagers, and little kids mixed together and we do try to evenly match the team. Another game we play would be dodge ball, which we usually play it at my aunt Ramona’s house in the front yard and we only have like three or four balls to use because somebody (not me) always manages to pop one or two of the balls, (is totally not me) and for some reason they blame me it all on me, one little tiny hint IT IS NOT ME.

Okay so anyways usually on Thanksgiving when were playing the games it’s not really that cold out or we don’t really think it is so most of us usually wear shorts and a t-shirt that’s until our parents start yelling at us for not wearing warm clothes or at least a warm jacket, and how we could get sick and freeze to death (like one of my cousins did, not too long after new year’s) so we usually just put on a jacket just so they leave us alone.

Later in the day around six a clock is when everyone sits down in the dining room and we stuff our faces with all the foods that were made. The way we sit is at one end of the table there’s the adults and at the other end is the teens and the kids always sit at the center of the table that way we can keep them all in their seats, a lot of times some of us end up also eating in the living room too. I think my favorite thing to eat would be the stuffing that my mom makes for the turkey; it just tastes better than the one that my aunt makes for some reason. By the time I get to desert I’m already full yet I still go get some desert because it just looks too good to not eat. Last but not least we always and I mean always sleep over at my aunts and we watch movies together, someone always brings movies to watch and if we know one does then we just use Netflix (which is always better than bringing a movie,) I personally like watching horror movies, but that usually can’t happen until all of the kids are asleep. When it’s time to go to sleep we either sleep on the floor or on the couches in the living room, and the adults that don’t live in this town will just live sleep in the extra room the my aunt has. . I think we stay up until like four a clock just watching movies and so when we have to wake up for breakfast were really tired and don’t really want to wake up until probably three or four a clock P.M.

On that very next day for breakfast we eat pancakes and also whatever is left over from the day before today. Know body leaves until probably later in the afternoon but it’s always pretty late.

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