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Taiwanese Cuisine

          Here you can see both traditional Taiwanese cuisine and western Taiwanese cuisine.  We have both Taiwanese food and Western food in Taiwan.  

 Traditional Taiwanese Cuisine Western Taiwanese Cuisine
Dumplings (called Jiaozi in Chinese)
 Fried sticky rice patties
Sticky rice cakes
 Strawberry honey toast

 Beef soup
Beef noodle soup
 Chocolate honey toast
Honey toast
 Glutinous rice dumpling
Glutinous rice dumpling
 Pig knuckles, Kimchi and instant noodles
 Tappanyaki at Chamonix, Taiwan.

Bubble Mike Tea

 Bubble  Mike  Tea  is  favorite  drink  in  Taiwan.  The  bubble  mike  tea  is  representative  of theQQfood. The  words  for  QQthe  food  is  very  chewy.  The  bubble  is  made  up by  sweet  potato  starch.  If  you  don't  want  to  drink  mike  tea, you  can   put  another  drink  instead   mike  tea like    black  tea.