THE BEGINNING 
Clothing is a very general basic need which we all require to survive. It is used to cover our body and protect it from extreme weather conditions. It is in use from the beginning of mankind and has improved and evolved down the ages. Ages back say 4000 BC people used to cover their body with the skin of animals .They hunted animals and used leaves to cover their bodies . In the medieval period dress codes were sometimes imposed on members of different layers of society. Different codes represented different classes and type . The aristocratic wore corsets , the noble men wore big boots and moon shaped hats in Europe and in India the trend of dhoti and kurtas are still popular. The maharajahs wore achkans, sherwanis, churidhars,and jodhpurs which are still in vogue as occasional attires.Different clothes have different quality. In India we wear cotton clothes in summer while silks and woollens in winter . Clothes are also named as casual wear, formal wear, party wear, sports wear, daily wear and so on depending on the purpose they serve. Clothes are meant for us to look good and they determine our culture,class and habits too .Clothes also need to be cared for because they reflect our taste and earn dignity in society.

CLOTHING  Introduction TEXT: RaghavJ and NamitaG SMSMB India
Poster: AcchyutJ SMSMB India