Gender Equality

The Gender Equality symbol
Gender Equality Is an important issue around the world. In every country, women and men are treated differently. Gender Equality is the idea or belief that men and women should be treated the same. It focuses mainly on women's rights and combatting harmful stereotypes and practices, such as victim blaming, rape, body shaming, and others. This, however, does not mean that men are not involved. Many of the issues that affect women also affect men, just in different ways. 

Gender Equality is most often spoken of in reference to how it relates to first-world countries, and less often how it relates to thrid-world countries. Gender discrimination in first-wolrd countries is more subtle and less intense than in third-world countries; it deals mostly in stereotyping, workplace discrimination, and rape/sexual violence, though the latter slightly less so than in third-world countries. Third-world countries generally have more violent and restricting discrimination, including various laws that restrict the rights of females, extreme physical and sexual violence, and child marriages. 

First-world discrimination is more relevant to those participating in the GVC project/competition, so that will be covered more extensively here.