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Throughout our website, you will learn tips for how to be healthy, see how we commit to living a healthy life both in school and outside of school, and gain access to different healthy recipes you can make at home.

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Why is it so Important to Stay Healthy?

·     If you are unhealthy as a child, it will become worse as you grow up

·     Your weight will become out of control

·     If you are unhealthy, you eat junk food and your teeth will fall out 

·     You will live longer if you are healthy

Written by: Dylan

You need to eat healthy to not get sick. Healthy foods help your brain and muscles grow strong. 

You could eat vegetables, fruits, and sources of protein like eggs and fish. Limiting watching TV 

to 30 minutes each day and doing an activity instead will help keep you active and less tired. 

Candy and junk food is a big problem for trying to be healthy.  One reason people have trouble 

staying fit is they watch too much TV or spend too much time playing on their mobile devices. 

For staying healthy your body needs rest. Studies show that 8 to 10 hours of sleep is what is 

needed. Exercise is a big way to keep you healthy. You can do 10 push-ups, 30 jumping jacks, and 

20 Burpees.  Mrs. ScammelI (our PE teacher) said that in 2020 30% of the world will be ruined 

by electronics and sitting around and never getting up.  If you stay strong and fit, everyone will 

join “team healthy” and not “team unhealthy”.  A lot of people in the world are healthy but some 

are not healthy.  People need to be aware that the things that will keep us lazy are the things we 

feel we can't live without (our electronic devices). 

By. Aidan

Group Members: Dylan, Adam, Patrick

The Effects of Technology on Health:

Positive Effects:

·     Can schedule appointments

·     Can search for information

·     Track your exercise and weight loss

·     Wii Fit and fitness videos

Negative Effects:

·     Poor posture

·     Too much time being inactive

·     Can lead to addiction

·     Leads to laziness

By: Patrick