Animal Realm
by Garima of JNV

Let us take you on a journey into our realm
then you may know how we live and survive
in hardships, in dismay and suffer a lot
just due to unfeeling few ones among you
see what nightmare you made of our lives

we are wonderful, beautiful, amazing
creatures just like you, but fell victims
to your follies, whimsies and still
striving to drag our lives, wishing
you realize our real worth
before it is too late.

{{Banner, TGHS}} Original Work by TGHS, Afghanistan
{{Animals, JNV}} Original Work by Students of JNV, India

Created by Ben of PJMS using IMovie
{{CC, Thomas Quine}} Black and White Dragon Fly, 2009 []
{{CC, Brocken Inaglory}} Puffer Fish, 2004 []
{{CC, Alan Levine}} St. Bernard, 2012 []
{{CC, Leon7}} Torvosaurus Dinosaur Skeleton, 2008 []
{{PD, USDA}} Female Black and White Cow, 2002 []
{{CC, Borgx}} Bathynomus Giganteus, 2005 []


{{Poem, JNV}} Original poem by Garima of JNV, India