What is History?
This is the question we all want to know. The definition of history is this: "The study of past events, particularly in human affairs," or "History is the analysis and interpretation of the human past that enables us to study continuity and change over time." 
History is Life! It reminds us about our past, the good and the bad. When our country became a country, when women received their right to vote, our wars, who fought in the wars. All of this is history, and even though most of kids our age hate sitting in history class, we wouldn't be here today if it never happened. Today we use all forms of history, from written documents to monuments to paintings. Historians are trained to discover and make sure that these sources of history are true.

Why Do We Study History? "Because we are forced to." That's what most kids might say, but history is important and there are many reasons why we study it. We study history to learn about our past, fix the mistakes of others back then, and to prevent those mistakes from happening again. To help us develop judgment in affairs by understanding the past behavior of people and societies. To help us understand change and how the community, the nation, and the world we live in came to be.

Jake Weidmann, a master penman, has said of his work,  "I'm trying to preserve the past and forge the future. What I'm taking from these old artists are the things they have found true, beautiful, and so I am essentially curating them into another art piece. If we advocate everything to the machines that we create, then what we are doing is creating a sterile world that is void of human influence. If we do that with something that is so deeply personal as handwriting, then I feel we are missing out on each other. We're missing out on that connection that we have with one another. As one stroke builds on another, so one man's heritage builds on another's. Because what was once beautiful in the past and is still beautiful today holds the promise that it will be beautiful in the future."

How Do You Preserve History? Most families all over the world preserve their family history with pictures, scrapbooks, notes or cards they have saved over the years. Others pass down stories and/or relics or special things that are important to them. Some people even keep videos! There are family reunions people go to and they also get together on holidays or birthday parties. These are not all the ways we preserve our history but they are the most common ways.

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